Dell Optiplex 7010

  1. Hello, I have purchased 12 dell optiplex 7010, with original windows 8. When I press power button, it starts after about 15 minuts and then shoe display. This problem is faced on all system of dell 7010. If any kne have idea about this type of problem pls share. Tx
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Most likely issues: malware, conflicting anti-malware installs, driver corrupted or out-of-date.

    Start by doing careful FULL scans using your ant-malware software and Malwarebytes (free)... if you have infection go to

    Conflicting anti-malware: if you have used more than one anti-malware, you may have conflicts - reove all anti-mallware and re-install just one.

    Drivers: check for up-dates; update all (Dell has very helpful tools for this)

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