Dell unveils sandboxed version of Firefox


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Dell is hoping to make web browsing a safer experience for corporate and home users with the release of a modified Firefox build that can reportedly keep malware locked into the browser itself, rather than infecting the whole operating system. The new software is simply dubbed 'Secure Browser' and comes courtesy of KACE, a system management solutions firm Dell acquired earlier this year.

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A platform made standard like this will hopefully better protect the average user. I hope adoption rate is good and that other OEMs make the same move.


I'm am stunned a firefox version was released before IE.

We are making progress people finally!


Would be a good idea, but, knowing Dell, it will greenlight all of Dell's annoying ad's LOL.
Also, why no x64 bit?
I also use a sandboxed version of firefox when I feel the need to visit a "questionable" website.


No 64-Bit? I'm sure most of DELL's computers are being sold with Win 7 64-Bit by default so I wonder why no 32-Bit support.