The Secure Browser uses virtualization technology to provide a safer web experience to users and organizations. When using the Secure Browser any changes or malicious files inadvertently downloaded from the Internet are contained within the secure browser, keeping the underlying OS and computer secure from hostile changes. Any changes resulting from browser activity may be quickly and easily reset to effectively “undo” such changes and return it to its initially installed state. This makes it much easier to clean a system and bring the user back to full productivity. Secure Browsers also offer the option of specifying “white” and “black” lists to control what processes may be started or what sites may be visited. Limiting browser use to specific sites can control usage and protect from cross site scripting attacks. By specifying which sites are to be blocked, it makes it easy to keep users away from known bad sites, and thereby limit their exposure to attacks. In controlling what processes may be started, the browser will not run programs or plug-ins without permission to do so, which allows for the prevention of many attacks before they can even be initiated.

Note: Dell KACE Secure Browser has been discontinued, please try one of the alternatives listed here.


  • Provides a virtualized and contained Firefox v3.6 Browser with Adobe Reader and Flash plug-ins
  • Rapidly reset any changes made during normal use back to their initial state, enabling easy recovery from infections or attacks
  • View statistics related to the number of processes detected and blocked
  • Set white and black lists to limit access to known good sites, or prevent access to known bad sites to further limit the risk of attack and infection

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP (32-bit only, 64-bit systems are not supported at this time).

What's New:

Changes in 5.1.1648

  • Fix for crash on Windows 2003
  • Fix bug 11903, provisioning a client will overwrite newer VK files with older files
  • Fix bug 11612, from the Download window, "Open containing folder" menu item fails.
  • Fix bug 11540, folders remaining after uninstall
  • IP addresses are coalesced into ranges in Network Settings


Install the Secure Browser on a managed node, and have it check into Dell KACE Appliance Inventory.
Then upload the installer to the automatically created Software Inventory item.
Then a Managed Install can be created that uses the Software Inventory item.

Known Issues

  • 10139, Windows Vista and 7: The first download gets cancelled.
  • Workaround: Retry the download. Subsequent downloads work.
  • 11037, Windows Vista and 7: Opening a downloaded program fails, with an error message regarding a non-existing path.
  • Workaround: Do not download executables using the secure browser.
  • 11042: When resetting Firefox, customizations such as Bookmarks and Favorites are also deleted.
  • Workaround: None.
  • 11106, Windows Vista and 7: Some Flash based games don't work.
  • Workaround: None.
  • 12059 Cannot deploy Secure Browser from KBOX with non-silent install.
  • Workaround: Pass /quiet to make the install silent
  • 12094: Saved Process Control block entry is not reflected in the export XML.
  • Workaround: Deleting the process control entry matches the export XML entries