Denied svchost.exe, now can't connect to net

By macx
Nov 23, 2008
  1. XP sp3, latest Firefox Yahoo version
    Comodo av & firewall (fairly new to it)

    EDIT: Well, halleleujah! Just started clicking boxes in Comodo, stumbled upon something that looked like it might have something to do with my problem, Eureka! Internet works again. Now if I can just remember where I found that - -.

    Lots of new windows have been coming up with this new Comodo install asking should I allow or deny something or other - as I don't usually know what the something-or-other is, and have no way of finding out - I denied svchost.exe last time i started the computer and tried to hook to the internet (some time in the past in another security scirmish I remember reading something about some svchost.exe being malware?)(that window hadn't come up before with Comodo when I started and hooked successfully to the internet - so I guess a valid question might be Why This Time?).

    Now I can't connect to the internet. As that was the only thing different from the
    several times before that connected with no problems, that's probly the "problem of the moment"?

    How do I go into Comodo and reverse that and give svchost.exe permission? The box that said Remember This was checked in the window that asked me.

    If I can find that out, I can maybe go in and correct a couple other things I gave permission to that Comodo said was safe that caused me problems with Excel and other things.

    I've gotten so many new windows asking me things like that with Comodo that I've never seen either with AVG or ZA security suites that it's a real headache, and of course no explanations so I don't have a clue to allow or deny. Has given me a number of problems already with some other things, now this.

    I'm really getting weary of all these problems just getting onto the internet. Seems I spend more time fighting with this Windows security stuff than I do using the internet and the computer.

    And BTW just what is this svchost.exe while I'm at it?

  2. Bobbye

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  3. Blind Dragon

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    I didn't realize you already posted bobbye - but that is a great explanation of svchost.exe - basically a .dll file can't launch so it needs an .exe which is why we use svchost


    Under svchost.exe in the bottom picture you need to set it to "allow outgoing TCP or UDP requests"



  4. Bobbye

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    Nice! Great screen shots.
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