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In all likelihood, you'll have been using the internet for many years. And in that time your online presence will have expanded more than you realize - can you even remember how many different accounts you’ve created? But a new tool can help organize your virtual life and delete many of the parts that are no longer being used. is the work of Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unnebäck. After signing in using your Google account, the site finds all the online accounts associated with your Gmail address and gives you the option of removing them.

I was surprised to find that there were 16 accounts linked to my Gmail when I tried the service. Some of them I had no recollection of signing up to, and seeing a dating site I used years ago brought a mix of nostalgia and mild shame.

Once all the accounts are listed, you have the option to keep them or add them to the delete queue. Sadly, can’t magically remove accounts from existence with the click of a button – it doesn’t know your passwords; instead, you’ll be given a link that takes you to each site’s ‘delete account’ page.

Seeing as it’s probably been ages since you logged into these old services, you’ll probably spend the next 10 minutes going through the ‘forgot your password’ routine before deleting anything. isn’t some sort of kill switch that can remove your entire internet presence: the accounts it finds are limited to those that use gmail; the links aren't always available; and you still have to delete them yourself manually. But, like me, you’ll probably find it brings up a number of old sites you’d completely forgot about that still hold your details.

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Doesn't work for me either. Just get a spinning wheel.
If you click the refresh button after 30 seconds or so it loads the actual thing where you can remove yourself.
Sadly its not as easy as it sounds, it just scans all your email for those "welcome to ..... " emails and then tries to match those to account deletion pages.
A lot of my old accounts linked to sites that no longer exist at all and a lot more I had no idea what the password is and couldn't really be bothered now to reset and stuff.

It's still interesting to see all the things that was signed up in the past.