Desparate! Need help!

By uluagirl
Nov 23, 2009
  1. Hi

    I am a new member for this forum. I have been desparately wanting to solve a problem and need some help. I appolygize if this is not the right section to post because I don't really know what is the source of my problem. Basically, I couldn't download AVG, Skype, and Windows Live on my computer. I had Windows XP home edition with service pack 3 installed. My antivirus is McAfee and I use the Windows firewall. When I tried to download these programs, they will indicate that they can't detect my internet connection when in fact my connection was active and I was able to download other programs from the web. I turned off the windows firewall but the security center indicated that somewhere in my computer the firewall is still active. I don't think it is the problem with my router because when I used the wireless internet in other places, I still couldn't install the program. Also both IE 8 and firefox don't work. In the past I have used Avir, zone alarm, and a few others but I thought I have cleared them up completely. Anyway, do you think it is the firewall? How do I detect other programs blocking the internet connection to some websites? Is it registry problem? or others? Thanks.
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    I would also suggest ditching the Windows firewall and installing a good third-party one.
    Maybe Comodo Internet Security( without the AV portion).
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