Devolver announces 8-in-1 "bootleg" collection of its most famous games


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The "Devolver Direct" conference, which you can watch in its entirety at the bottom of the page, saw the announcement of Devolver Bootleg, which contains ‘fake,’ simplified versions of eight games.

Some of the titles include ‘Enter the Gun Dungeon,’ a parody of Enter the Gungeon where everything is made out of guns and bullets. There’s also Hotline Milwaukee (Hotline Miami), Ape Out Jnr. (Ape Out), Super Absolver Mini: Turbo Fighting Championship (Absolver), Shootyboots (Downwell), Catsylvania (Gato Roboto), Pikubiku Ball Stars (Pikuniku), and Luftrousers 3 (Luftrausers).

The collection is currently discounted by 1 percent on Steam, meaning it's available for $4.95 instead of the $4.99 list price. You can access the games, all of which have been developed by doinksoft, by going to this URL: It directs to the Steam page, where you’ll find entertaining descriptions of each fake title.

Devolver Bootleg has already gained a Very Positive rating from 148 reviews. Being retro-style means they’ll run on the most potato-like of PCs, and they do look like fun. Plus, at around 61 cents per game, they certainly offer value for money.

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