Dial Up in USA?

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Jun 24, 2009
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    Hello Tom
    There would be very few rural areas in the USA today that did not have some kind of internet service available. Some would get it via their Cable Television provider, some through satellite, while others continue to resort to dial-up. But if you are starting a business, I seriously doubt you would begin in the rural areas... and most urban areas will have competing providers of High Speed connections. In my area we have, for example Comcast's DSL service and Verizon's FIOS. If they do not have a permanent home connection... there are always "Hotspots" at locations like... airports, major booksellers, and coffee kiosks.
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    Hi Mate,

    Thanks for the reply.
    The reason that we are looking at dial up in the USA is because we are already a company over her in England. We are called Slimming World and have 2500 consultants here in this country and over the next few months we are expanding to USA. We are starting in Dallas, Texas. We are goign to employ consultants that run our slimming groups once out in America. We provide every consutlant with a laptop and a pda which they use to run there groups on. They then have to somehow connect to the net so that they can upload all of the data from there groups to us.
    Here in england most consultants have broadband but there are the odd few that have to use dial up. What we do is create a pay as you go dial up account for every consultant so that if they use it it will just come off there phone bill, but if there have broadband then it still wont cost them. We just need to make sure that every consultant has some kind of connection.
    Sorry, i feel like im going on a bit. Im just really looking into what kind of options there will be once we are there.
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    I'm not sure the legality of this, I don't think its terribly illegal, especially if your employees on broadband can get a '2 ip addresses' account. But what I'm thinking is that most broadband providers in the states also have a dial up number (but it almost always incurs long distance charges on the person's phone bill) that they can use to get access to the internet when they are away from home.

    Might be something to look into if you aren't going to have too many that need dial up access.
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    look up AT&T or Verizon Satellite service --
    speed is ~ same as ADSL but the link is via Satellite up/down link.

    availability in REALLY rural areas *may* be an issue
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    Down, but not uplink, in our experience in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, and Iowa
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