Difference between dvi and hd?

By kemp101
Sep 11, 2008
  1. Just bought a new XPS 420 quad core pc with ATI Radeon HD 3870 x2 graphics card.at the moment the card is connected to the monitor via the dvi cable.(white dvi from the card to dvi into the monitor)With the card i received an ATI adaptor with female HDMI and male dvi.how do i utilize this adaptor to get to HDMI quality as i am very confused?Thank you for your help and sorry for my ignorance.
  2. captaincranky

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    DVI and HDMI Video Quality should be about equal. The adapter would be used to drive a flat panel TV from the computer's video card. Flat screen TV are not equipped with DVI only HDMI inputs. Most flat screens also include a "PC" input which is the standard analog "VGA" also known as "D-Sub".
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    HDMI is more of a home theater type thing that has been given adapters and more recently cards that will output it. DVI is going to give you exactly the same quality, its a digital signal just like HDMI. HDMI traditionally carries audio as well, DVI does not. Using any adapter that takes you from DVI to HDMI cannot increase your quality, and obviously will not just create audio for you.

    So continue to use DVI. Use that adapter if you want to connect it to a TV, but then you will also need to get audio to your TV, as the HDMI isn't going to carry it off that DVI converter.
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    thanks for the replies.So I will just continue to use the DVI cable and should be the same quality as HDMI? Crysis coming today,so im guessing it will run fine.
    thank you for clearing that up.so in conclusion,i dont need that apaptor unless in connecting to a hd tv with a hdmi input?
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