Display driver stopped responding / sometimes BSOD

By Onomatopoet
Apr 25, 2012
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  1. Can anyone help me get rid of this frequent message?

    The system works fine under normal conditions, but under a moderate load or when starting games the screen blacks out and a "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" message pops up, or the driver doesn't recover and I end up with blue screen and a reboot. Everything works normally using the integrated graphics, even under heavy load, so maybe the card is at fault, but it still works fine in my other system, and I'm not entirely sure it isn't just operator error.

    Where should I be looking for how to troubleshoot this? It sounds like a common problem, but I can't find a common solution. I'll attach some minidumps in a zip. Is there anything else that would be helpful?

    I tested out each of the memory sticks individually, and still had failures.

    I uninstalled/reinstalled all drivers, from AMD and/or Asus' website.

    I uninstalled/reinstalled Windows 7.

    I tried to underclock the
    , but assuming I did it right, it didn't help.

    Went into regedit and fiddled with TdrDelay in GraphicsDrivers.

    I tried a few other things too, chkdsk, defrag, BIOS settings, etc. but no luck.

    Here's my system specs:

    750w PSU

    RAM: G Skill Sniper (4GB x 2) DDR3 1600

    CPU: 2.8gHz 1055t

    GPU: Asus HD 5670 (1024MB)

    Mobo: ECS A885GM-A2 w/ onboard Radeon HD 4250

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  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Minidumps are all the same. It is indeed an ATI driver fault. Make sure that the on-board video is disabled and that you have the latest ATI driver installed for the HD5670

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