Build a PC Dual channel vs tri-channel


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So I'm working on a PC rebuild for work. Specifically the computer used to go graphic design for signs, which is rather Memory intensive (4ft x 8ft raster graphics take up a lot of space to load into Photoshop.....)

But what I'm wondering is Tri-Channel memory really worth the additional cost of the RAM and Mobo??

Or should I just stick with dual channel?


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Hey Tortured,
to the public at large Intels Tri channel memory bandwidth goes unused as not a whole lot takes advantage of it, and most users would not realize a tangible difference. Doing graphic design is one of the exceptions though, and you would probably see a substantial gain from it.


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I have to agree,

No huge difference with basic computing but with photo and movie rendering/editing it can be noticeable.


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Ok thanks for your input. Hopefully I can talk my boss into the better (although more $$$) hardware :D. Make my life easier :p.