DVD drive having trouble reading DVD's

  1. sorry if this is in the wrong place and stuff but I was just looking for quick help -
    my computer is kinda old, built from random parts by a friend so I don't know much about it and I don't know a lot about computers.

    The DVD drive is having problems recognizing DVD's, CD's are fine.
    when I enter a DVD, you can hear the drive is trying to read it and SOMETIMES it does it fine and is recognized in my computer but other times it just stays 'DVD-RW DRIVE'
    i have tried uninstalling the drive and reinstalling it, looking for firmware updates and booting in safe mode/clean state mode etc but it always struggles to read DVD's. I also tried editing the Primary IDE channels in the Device manager to PIO only/ DMA if available to experiment and see if it helped but no joy. do you think it's just a case of the laser that reads DVD's has given up?
    ps. im using windows XP

    thanks :~)
  2. hughva

    hughva TS Rookie Posts: 58

    Sounds like hardware to me.
    These drives fail frequently and are cheap and easy to rep[lace.

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