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i have hp 2530ea laptop the dvd/cd drive has started only playing audio cds but no dvds ,i have k-lite codec pack installed. i have tried reinstalling driver i have reset the drive in to its bay.device manager says it is fine but it certainly is not ....any ideas on how to rectify this or what is the cause..thanks


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That HP actually has an optical drive driver?
The codec is for audio.
Is it under warranty, or is it more than a year old.
How much do you use it.
If over a year old, and used frequently, it is probably good to buy a replacement.
Borrow a drive from a friend to assure that the laptop works. Then go from ther.e
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thanks for the is more than a year old so no warrenty ..can you tell me what you mean by optical drive,does this make a difference is there other things i should be checking in device manager other than the dvd drive entry.are replaceMENT drives a standard size and fit,are how much should i be paying for a new one ,can you recommend a good one.regards
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