DX-12 where Nvidia & AMD cards are used together

  1. Sir,

    This is a very welcome step to making graphics even better.
    I always had this point at the back of my mind that why we've to use 2 identical cards in SLI / Crossfire?
    Just to give you guys a lil insight I started as an IT professional in 1981-82 when all this was non-existent.
    It maybe around or post 2000 or maybe even later that the dual card concept was started.

    I remember having 2 x 3870 AMD cards in crossfire as my 1st & only SLI config. (sorry cannot remember the year). However those days CPU power was too less & power consumption (by AMD) was again too high. After using them for over 1 year I made the switch to Nvidia sheerly as I wanted to experience 3D gaming / movies. My 1st Nvidia card was 580 GTX, then replaced by 690 GTX & now I'm using 970 GTX for lil over 1 year now. Eagerly awaiting details / announcement of 1000 GTX series from Nvidia that's supposed to be having Displayport 1.3 & other latest ports. The most costly / best of my GPU cards was of course 690 GTX (as it had built-in SLI) but it was a power sucker & my Monthly power bills surged too high.

    Today I'm playing NFS Hot Pursuit & NFS Rivals in 2D (@ 144 Hz) or in 3D (@ 120Hz). Thanks to the gr8 VG248QE monitor from Asus that I've been having a mind blowing experience. Pls note that I'm not using DVI-D or HDMI port on my 970 card but the Displayport (DP) which is a altogether different experience.

    I've choicest collection of english movies in 3D blu-ray format & also have 2 nos. Nvidia Vision2 3D Glasses whereby I get the best of 3D movie experience as well. Pl note that these are Active Glasses that have to be charged thro the USB ports before usage & have to be connected to the 3D-USB receiver as provided by Nvidia. Just giving this info for the benefit of all those we are not aware of how 3D technology works on PC. These glasses are way different from the Passive 3D glasses that we use in Movie halls / cinemas. All in all it is gr8 till now.

    Now my questions to you:
    a. Is there any cable (like the SLI Cable) that will have both the cards connected internally?
    b. Which of the driver softwares will have to be installed Nvidia / AMD / Both?
    c. In both these softwares will there be some parameter(s) that we'll have to enable / tick mark (even across both GPU vendors) to get the best performance experience in 3D Gaming / movies.?

    These are some of the questions that are in my mind as on date. Hope to hear soon. Thanks

    Viraf P Chinoy

    Viraf P Chinoy
  2. Cycloid Torus

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