DXG 572V I need the pc camera driver

By arjune
Jun 9, 2013
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  1. I called and emailed dxg but they are not replying to my messages. The disk (version 2.05) that came with the camera no longer has the pc camera driver, only the removable storage usb driver is there and the disk does not work. It vibrates in the cd drive of my acer 5420-5038 laptop running windows vista home premium 32 bit. Can I use a generic driver for this dual mode digital camera and which one, where on the web? Web sites want me to buy their driver scanner and then offer me the driver I want and I don’t even think they have the driver. They make you think the driver is free then you have to pay _. The dxg website has the removable storage driver but not the PC camera driver. The hardware ID for the pc camera is: usb\vid_0d64&pid_0338&rev0000 and also usb\vid_0d64&pid_0338. Windows already searched for the driver on the web and found nothing. What are generic drivers, can they work and can you tell me of one?
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    Hi, For most cameras, generally no extra software is needed, as Windows can open the memory card if the camera is connected via USB lead.
    (If it won't then use a separate card reader, normally SDHC is the 'standard' for still and video cameras.)
    Most camera maker's do supply their own software, which is usually a type of organiser and basic photo editor, sometimes very basic.
    For video editing, Windows Movie Maker is simple option, and it seemed to work well when I used it.
    I checked the DXG website and it's possible to download the manual and 'Driver' for your camera, I can't test it though.
    There are many free photo editors that will be very superior to the OEM software, I have used Google's Picassa and Faststone Image editor, (use the 2nd one almost every day.)
    As for drivers, the free program DriverEasy is fine, and the downloads are free, but the D/L speed is slow on the free version, understandable.
    It's at; http://www.drivereasy.com/
    There is a free and 'paid for' version, scroll down the site to the comparison table and the light blue link for the free version.

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