EA to drop online multiplayer support for 50 games following GameSpy closure

Shawn Knight

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The fallout from GameSpy's decision to shut down its online multiplayer hosting network continues as Electronic Arts recently released a list of 50 games across multiple platforms that will see their online components go dark on June 30.

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So a lot of popular games, I am incredibly surprised about crysis games... When will EA give us credit for this? Or am I going to have to buy more russian keys to make EA realize its not right...


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Im going to miss battlefront until the new one comes out (Supposedly). Same with Battlefield 1942, 2, and 2142. Its understandable though, most of these games are ancient and not many people are left playing them anymore.


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That's a long laundry list of games that are 10 years and older or on niche devices like the Nintendo DS. The only real surprise are the Crysis games, but I guess they're not getting a whole lot of online play for them to be on the list.

(shrugs) Change happens...


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Hopefully LAN will still function on BF2 and 2142 after this. We still play these at LAN parties for hours and hours.

I'm glad to see NFS SHIFT and 2 isn't on this list as I still play those titles.


And then they cry about pirating... I have some of these games, some I even play. Pretty sure there are alternatives for playing this online in not so "legal" way


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I'm okay with this, as most of the games I may potentially ever replay, I'll probably replay in single player. However, people were still playing MOO3? I'm so sorry...


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The very reason why I don't buy a game if the offline component isn't worth the money. You know the online support is going to go away someday, unless servers are dedicated.


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Crysis 2 and Battlefront 2 I still play. I think you can still setup you're own dedicated servers though... hopefully. If not, they should at least allow that feature to these games so you can play with friends.


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Yeah... these games are all pretty old so as long as there is LAN play I don't think people should cry about it. I own a bunch of these games and to be honest I haven't gotten around to playing most of them yet but hope I can in the future especially if I have friends drop by so we can do some local play.


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If you have battlefront 2 on steam does it still work?
No. If it was a Steamworks game, it would then utilize Steam and its servers. At base, Battlefront 2 isn't a Steamworks game, but is merely sold on Steam for more money making opportunities and reach to customers.


I miss Lord of Ultima the most. I still haven't found a replacement but whatever it is won't be another EA game.


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NOOOOOOooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....why God why?
There goes BF2, BF2142 and CnC...god damn it...and why the h**l would they kill Crysis 2...seriously...F***...I would want to hit some one now D: ...aggression...problems...god...damn....it....argh

Oh well, if possible then I'll start hosting dedicated servers for BF2 and BF2142 shortly and if all runs smoothly then I'll try to add more games and servers. I'm not that sure on what and how much my good old Proliant can handle...


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They hit me over the head when I saw Crysis. Then they nailed me in the balls when I saw Star Wars Battlefront II. POW! Right in the childhood. If anybody needs me I'll be crying in a corner somewhere.


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Dude this sucks; so many good games that I still like to load up every couple of months.


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Since I can't edit my earlier posts, a lot of these games, like Battlefront 2, have thriving communities off of GameRanger. GameRanger and Battlefront 2 were specifically mentioned together by EA as well.