Edge replaces Safari as the second most popular desktop browser


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What just happened? Remember when Edge was viewed with disdain by pretty much everyone and held a tiny percentage of the browser market? Things started to turn in Microsoft's favor once it became Chromium-based in 2019. Now, Edge has passed a significant milestone: it has surpassed Safari to become the second most popular desktop browser in the world.

Statcounter's data shows that Edge's user share just managed to squeeze past Safari in March. Microsoft's browser has jumped from 9.61% in February and now stands at 9.65%, while Apple's product fell from 9.77% to 9.57% during the same period.


Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

We already knew that Edge looked set to replace Safari as the number two desktop browser, given the trends we've witnessed over the last year or so—in January 2021, Safari had 10.38 percent of the market compared to Edge's 7.81, but twelve months later, that difference was just 0.30%.

Microsoft has pushed hard, often in unethical ways, to get more people onto Edge. If users missed their single chance to commit to a new program, switching over to a different default browser in Windows 11 had been an arduous process. However, Microsoft did roll out an optional update recently that made switching as simple as clicking a button. There were also the shade-throwing popups it used whenever someone visited the Chrome download page while on Edge.

It's worth remembering that the various market research companies use different data gathering methods. Netmarketshare, for example, has had Edge in the number two spot for over a year.

But it goes without saying that Chrome dominates everyone's charts. Almost three-quarters of desktop users prefer Google's offering, and it's unlikely to be challenged anytime soon. Internet Explorer, meanwhile, is still used by 1% - 3% of those on desktop, despite Microsoft recently reminding people that it's being killed off on June 15.

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Safari doesn't work very well on Windows 10 and Google Chrome crashes a lot, despite me having 64GB DDR4 when I run multiple windows.

I tend to open half my work in Chrome and the other half in Edge.


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Microsoft has pushed hard, often in unethical ways, to get more people onto Edge
And this is something other browsers can't do, Edge is baked into Windows and is annoying as hell trying to get you to use it. That is a huge advantage. I will admit Edge has gotten pretty good and I could see myself using it if I wasn't already "taken" by Brave. I occasionally use it as a second browser for YouTube so my recommended list doesn't mess up.


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I´m a bit surprised that Safari doesn´t has a larger share: I was honestly expecting for Apple to leverage the M1 stuff to start clawing back a bit of the market away from PC x86 but it seems that while it gets a lot of coverage and praise for it's efficiency and magic sauce software optimization, it's still mostly of interest *just* to Apple diehards and content creators.

Regular folk are happy to continue to use an iphone as their smartphone but a PC as their main computer. This means that at most, companies like Apple and Google can only hope to make it even more convenient for people to not need a PC or laptop at all to do the things they want as it is largely the case today, but as long as people have day jobs it looks like the influence of Microsoft and PC is just overwhelming and not going away, possibly ever.


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This whole thing confuses the hell out of me.

I clearly remember MS getting slapped down for anti-competitive practises a long time ago for doing similar things. Actually. they were less shady then what they're doing now!

What's changed? Are MS lobbyist's just in a better position to shut down any investigation then they were years ago?


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Safari doesn't work very well on Windows 10
What a load of tosh

Since when Safari still works on W10? Last binaries for Windows are from 2012 on version 5.1.7. You cannot run any new version (since v6 to latest 15) of Safari on native Windows (excluding bootcamp on older intel Macs).


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What's amazing is how quickly Mozilla threw away its dominance in browsers, initially for a tiny bit of extra money and later on for politics. Sad.


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I'm using edge only for Netflix as they can't learn how to unlock 1080p on Chrome. The only good news from this news it's that ie died and we don't care about its limitations anymore.

George Keech

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Honestly by itself, Edge is a pretty good browser it is better than chrome in alot of ways. Although chrome is just what people have used so will continue to use. (Plus any anti competition arguments against MS also need to be aimed at Google as well


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For a longtime I was an Opera user but when they decided to sell out to china and start white listing ads for money I threw it in the bin and went with Vivaldi instead ( I like my start page)

as for edge ms can shove it where the sun doesn't shine instead of down the throats of windows users and even if you manage to remove it it'll be shoved right back down your throat on the very next update. How they can legally get away with this is beyond me I'll never use it and I'll never recommend it to anyone ever