Electrostatics and Induction

By JDzzo
Jul 15, 2016
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  1. Can Electrostatic Build-up, say like in a Capacitor or even a Van De Graff Generator, be manipulated by Elecromagnetic Induction fields off of current filled coils? I ask because if a coil has current, a nearby wire can translate electrical charge and move it, turning it into current. If induction fields can transmit electrical charge and move it in a wire, could they potentially move charge that is already stored in a Capacitor? Thank you to all reading and to those taking a swing.
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    It's too hot to think hard - so I will think hardly at all - but a guess - induction fields would not effect caps until the pressure of electrical potential overcame the non-conductor and then there would be failure - and I didn't think much about that answer (its been decades since I did this stuff) - but every bizarre question deserves at least one answer, even if it is totally wrong - flint and steel (and I am sure that I am the flint, slightly cracked) may result in a sparkle or two.
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    Liking it. Was the point when the electropressure volts from the induction fields equals or goes beyond the electropressure volts from the capacitance, when we see charge in the capacitor pushed by the outside induction field? Thankyou kindly friend
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    Take a coil with DC current running and place it near any capacitor, but not connected in any way. There is NO INDUCTION into the capacitor. Change the DC to AC - - same result, nothing. Induction is from one 'coil' into another, as in a transformer, or any nearby wire(s). Famous experiment in space where a capsule trailed a long wire in space, the object being to induce into it power from the earth's magnetic field. It works, but minuscule and to get any appreciable power, many such would be required.

    Concepts are basic motor-generator work over 100 years ago.
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