Elon Musk defies local orders by reopening Tesla factory, says he's ready to be arrested

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Go back and look at the epidemic's of Polio and the 1918 Spanish flu. It's all there; no mystery. For those that say it's no worse that the regular flu seem to overlook the fact that 80,000 was the top fatality rate for a year. At this pace the rate will be way, way, way above 360,000, not considering the escalation factor. It isn't a one shot situation. There will be multiple waves and, as the epidemiologists have clearly stated, like influenza, this could be coming back year after year. You doubt that? Go back and look at the Black Plague, it lasted nearly 300 years. The deniers need to go over and witness first hand what an Ebola outbreak looks like and it's numbers are a fraction of what this country is going through.

This has NOTHING to do with politics, wealth, influence or personal opinions. It has everything to do with infection and mortality rates. The deniers should prove how right they are by going to catch a dose, then come back in 4 weeks and tell us how great it was .... assuming your next residence isn't a box six feet under ..... or a refrigerated trailer ......
Well said. (y) (Y)
It seems many making comments do not pay attention to what is happening in the world. For instance, there is this - https://www.forbes.com/sites/madhuk...get-deadlier-due-to-coronavirus/#3f4c3b87d2fc
And this - https://metro.co.uk/2020/05/12/rail-worker-47-dies-coronavirus-spat-passenger-12690172/
well, I'd say it's far from a small price to pay, but it is a necessary one.

The positive environmental impact it's having even in the short term could mean that the amount of lives saved in the future could be 10 fold. We are over consuming and killing the planet. The easiest way to consume less resources is for less people to be around to consume them.
Wow! IMO, that's pretty extreme.
Pollution is down, world-wide, even without the deaths. For me, it is a clear indicator that humanity should rethink how it conducts business.

I agree about over consumption, however, obesity rates and dietary habits are a much better place, IMO, to look for a solution to the problem - which is the worst in developed countries - https://renewbariatrics.com/obesity-rank-by-countries/

How much food is thrown out in the US each year, for instance? 133 Billion pounds. Yes, 133 Billion pounds https://www.businessinsider.com/why-grocery-stores-throw-out-so-much-food-2014-10
Talk about waste and over-consumption. :facepalm: Even if the deaths exceed 1-million world-wide, it will do little to ease the burden placed on the planet by people who think over-consumption is cool and wasting food is the best fad and status symbol since sliced bread.

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How so? Sure you can wipe out up to 10% infected if you stretch your hospitals past breaking point which the US has been doing. Fatalities when ICUs are saturated is very significantly increased. So let's be clear what you are saying is bullshit.

Next, herd immunity only applies if you gain immunity post infection. Covid has proven to mutate AND it is NOT proven you are immune even to the existing strains.

Herd immunity is basically advocating killing lots of people to keep the economy going. That is exactly what you mean when you say it and there is no vaccine. The US will have easily 100k dead soon and I wouldn't be surprised if it is well over 200k - opening up the economy will practically guarantee that.

I live in a city with strict iso, most retail businesses closed, high public service jobs %, extremely low fatalities, and single digits active infected. We know what saving lives is and means. If you are advocating opening the economy, I think you should sign a waiver for treatment when ICU beds are saturated because you don't value saving people's loved ones - why should they save you?

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My immune system is just as strong. If not stronger because I don't destroy my natural immunity with immunization shots....People are so gulable.
You know that doesn't make sense in any scientific medical way.

I avoid medicines where possible so my body fights naturally and does not build up a natural resistance to the medicines. When I need the medicines they will still work, think antibiotics.

But immunization invigorates anti-bodies to form. It does not have an effect of the virus its self. It's totally different.

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Safety is most important attribute to car. This action demonstrate how Tesla concern safety. I am plan never buy this brand.


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I think they should lock Musky up and put him in prison wing loaded with covid patients. Maybe one of them will make him his b*tch, and give him a big, wet, French kiss.


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If he can keep his workers safe, I have no issues with this. If he takes a "who cares if they get sick" approach, then screw him.
Well, if they lift the flaps on the Tesla tents to get some fresh air on the assembly line, it might work out OK.


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Back on topic please.
You have to admit, the issue of Musk reopening Tesla, strongly intersects with the overall spread of the disease, and the reopening of the country in general.

Musk is after all, proclaiming he knows more than the CDC, NIH, and local health officials.

Then there's his, "I don't care if they lock me up", announcing his supposed volunteer status for "faux-martyrdom"

If they did lock him up, wouldn't a press conference about it, make a glorious public pity party for "poor Elon".
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You have to admit, the issue of Musk reopening Tesla, strongly intersects with the overall spread of the disease, and the reopening of the country in general.

Musk is after all, proclaiming he knows more than the CDC, and local health officials.
So you will note that leeway was given to some off topic but after a warning, no.


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So you will note that leeway was given to some off topic but after a warning, no.
Metaphorically speaking, a cop sees a car driving the wrong way up a one way street. He says to the guy, "didn't you see the arrow"? To which the man replies, "I didn't see the Indians either". ;)

Erstwhile I'm wondering if the Alameda County Jail, has a runway next to it that would accommodate Musk's private jet.
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Discuss the actions of Elon Musk pertaining to this news item - for everything else, please create a new thread in the General Discussion board.


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The data does not support the lockdown. Respect to Elon for taking a stand.
All the data shows is it's spread very quickly in densly populated states and countries, the lockdown is clearly slowing the spread to other states such as California, by lifting the lockdown California could be the next hot spot of infections due to its large population. Musk is being Naive, unless he's got sanitory stations and masks for his workers then it's a massive risk. The guy think's he's so clever because he's a billionaire but he's not a Virus specialist so he needs to pipe down and listen to the actual scientists and politicians that are using that data.


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What data? That US is by far #1 in this? Not enough yet? Yes, let's support billionaires' ambition earn additional billion over all else!
Following studies and listening to doctors on the front line. The data does not support the lockdown. Although it is becoming increasingly difficult to pull up any data that runs counter to the WHO, as it's censored on social media, Google, and ignored by mainstream media (or taken out of context and used to fear monger). I should have compiled a list. I guess I'm stuck with what is still easily pulled up in Google and has yet to be censored.

The CDC's guidelines are to designate everything and anything a COVID-19 death, clearly we're going to see scary numbers. Read the last paragraph:

Couple that with hospitals being monetarily incentivised to mark patients as having COVID-19, it makes for quite the conflict of interest.

Data from all over the world shows at least 10 to even 85 times more people have been infected. Without factoring in the inflated deaths from the CDC's guidance, that makes the fatality rate drastically lower. At worst, similar to a severe flu season.

US, 28 to 55 times more infections: https://pressroom.usc.edu/preliminary-results-of-usc-la-county-covid-19-study-released/

Canada, 12 to 18 times more infections: https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/covid-1...-than-we-think-montreal-researchers-1.4920269

"The numbers told a shocking story: irrespective of whether the country quarantined like Israel, or went about business as usual like Sweden, coronavirus peaked and subsided in the exact same way. In the exact, same, way."

From a study of 780 confirmed COVID-19 cases, less than 2% of those who died had normal vitamin D levels. But lets lock people up inside and have them avoid sunlight.

Dr Vladimir Zelenoko in NY has treated 1450 COVID-19 patients. Using his regimen of hydrocloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc, only 2 of his patients died. The complete 3 ingredient treatment is important, and while his treatment is now going through an FDA double blind study, I believe his results speak for themselves. Many doctors and now countries are following his treatment. Rather than waiting for the results of a long study, we should be implementing his treatment.

The fake news media pushing an agenda:

I'd also recommend researching the severe effect a single percentage increase of unemployment has on overall mortality rates (37,000 in 1981 with only a population of 230M).

There's a handful of links to hopefully encourage people do their own research. I'm not going to push any further. No one is ever convinced of anything, people have to research and discover things on their own.


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Good for musk, his workers need to eat, and no a company shouldn't pay employees that arnt working, pay is based on what you offer the company, sitting at home playing your Xbox brings nothing to the company paying you. I say good for him, I'd also instruct my security to close the gates and not allow any police to come past the gate without a warrant applicable for the property.

California is killing it's residents and making them homeless, so good on musk saying enough is enough.


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From a study of 780 confirmed COVID-19 cases, less than 2% of those who died had normal vitamin D levels. But lets lock people up inside and have them avoid sunlight.
Well, this reply is off topic and will likely be removed. But, I'm 71, yet have no trouble digesting dairy products. Vitamin D as added to all milks in the US, for those of us who don't get out much, and want to avoid skin cancer.

As it stands, "sun poisoning", is thought to have at least some component of vitamin D overdose involved.. It it toxic in large doses. Suffice it to say, you can't swallow a half bottle of it like you can Vitamin C, which only gives we Americans the most expensive urine in the world.

So, "go out and get some sun", could be construed to be good advice. OTOH, since a few people were moved to drink bleach at the presidents mention of it, I imagine some people would take "get some sun" to the extreme.as well.

As for Musk, he'll likely try to talk the fed out of money to give his workers PPE, and for work space modifications.
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