Elon Musk says Apple's electric car is an "open secret" that he welcomes

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Jan 12, 2016
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  1. Rumors that Apple is developing an electric car have been circulating for quite some time now, but so far the company hasn’t commented on it. But one person who thinks it’s pretty obvious that the Cupertino firm is working on the project is Tesla’s Elon Musk, who said it was an “open secret” that Apple is making a rival electric vehicle.

    In an interview with the BBC, Musk highlighted the enormous number of people that Apple has hired from the automotive industry over the past 12 months as evidence. "Well, it's pretty hard to hide something if you hire over a thousand engineers to do it," he said. "This is an open secret.”

    Rather than seeing Apple’s electric – and possibly self-driving – car as a threat to Tesla’s range of vehicles, Musk said he welcomed any company’s participation in the electric vehicle industry, but warned that it was “quite hard to do.”

    “Tesla will still aspire to make the most compelling electric vehicles, and that would be our goal, while at the same time helping other companies to make electric cars as well.”

    Musk spoke of his vision of a future where driving yourself would become a hobby rather than a necessity as all cars would be electric and self-driving. “In the long term, nobody will buy a car unless it is autonomous. You will only drive if you want to drive,” the tech entrepreneur said. He added that cars that could not drive themselves would become a "strange anachronism" before too long.

    Musk hasn’t always been so civil when talking about Apple; in October last year, he jokingly called the iPhone maker “Tesla graveyard,” referencing the number of fired Tesla employees Apple has hired.

    More possible evidence that Apple is working on a vehicle – allegedly codenamed Project Titan - emerged last week when the company registered a trio of automobile-related domain names, including apple.car and apple.auto.

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  2. RzmmDX

    RzmmDX TS Guru Posts: 313   +67

    I also envision that we all have the money to actually afford to buy a house and a tesla.


    I do hope the tesla battery plant is actually trying to produce all these new types of batteries.
  3. OutlawCecil

    OutlawCecil TS Maniac Posts: 269   +141

    Oh boy, an Apple car! I'm sure people will pay the steep cost for the car, then true to their business strategy, they'll make it incompatible to everything else. So you'll then need to buy an Apple plug to charge the car, an Apple power cord, and maybe even the brand new Apple Power which is totally different than normal electricity. lol (android fan obviously)
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  4. Nobina

    Nobina TS Evangelist Posts: 1,336   +843

    You can only drive it on Apple certified roads.
  5. Hexic

    Hexic TS Maniac Posts: 333   +164

    My initial thought as well, haha.
  6. Hasbean

    Hasbean TS Booster Posts: 112   +29

    And when the back wheel falls off, they'll blame the passengers for not using it correctly.
  7. JamesandBennie

    JamesandBennie TS Booster Posts: 170   +14

    Elon is the visionary that Apple sorely lacks to bring this project to life... You can't just go to Foxconn and tell them to assemble you a car by following this blueprint. As an Apple shareholder, I wish they would focus their efforts elsewhere.
  8. Andre MacDowell

    Andre MacDowell TS Rookie

    Can't wait for the iCar.
  9. ChrisH1

    ChrisH1 TS Booster Posts: 68   +46

    Only thing I know for sure is that the Apple self-driving car will be far superior to the Android ones ... *sits back in chair, opens beer, eats a little popcorn and waits for the show to start*

    On a more serious note, every day in my car (a Tesla, btw) I am constantly presented with situations where I just can't see how an autonomous car could cope. Multiple traffic lights pointing in odd directions so you need experience and a good look around to see which ones apply where. Street signs twisted so they are hard to read. Signs with small fonts and instructions that would be hard for an AI to interpret I believe ("No left turn at Balmoral Street 3:30-5:30pm Monday to Friday"; "Road subject to flooding, indicators show depth"; "Left turn on red permitted after stopping"; "40km/h during school hours"; "Beware concealed driveways"; "Special Event - Clearway; No left turn", and especially "Do not cross tracks if barrier is down or bell is ringing").

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