Elon Musk's love for the Lotus submarine inspired this Tesla Model S Easter egg

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As a big fan of Easter eggs, I felt compelled to share this recently discovered egg involving Tesla’s Model S sedan. Some on the Tesla Motors Club forums initially thought it was a Photoshop prank but as it turns out, it’s the real deal and apparently has been hiding in the car’s software for about a year.

By pressing and holding the “T” at the top of the car’s console screen, you’ll be prompted with the technician’s login panel. Enter the code “007” (as in James Bond) then navigate back to the Controls tab to see that the car has turned into the famous Lotus sub from The Spy Who Loved Me.

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The egg is relevant for the simple fact that Tesla CEO Elon Musk bought the one-off vehicle in an auction a few years back after it had gone missing following production of the film. Musk paid $866,000 for the functional sub and said he planned to retrofit it with a Tesla powertrain to bring it back to life.

It goes without saying that Musk is a big Lotus fan. After all, the original Tesla Roadster was based off the design of the Lotus Elise and shares some of the same parts.

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As long as they don't threaten someones safety. Putting an egg in a car is borderline, especially when there is no simple fix after finding the egg.