Enabling Crossfire for Two HD4870s

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Dec 27, 2008
  1. I just want to know if it's possible to enable ATI Crossfire without installing Catalyst Control Center (CCC)... I don't like that software but I got a really good deal on a second card and I wanted to test the technology on my new board. I am using an Asus Rampage Formula (X48) motherboard which supports Crossfire and PCIe 2.0 speeds. Both of the slots are blue so does that mean CF will be enabled automatically or something? I don't see any options in the BIOS for it. I've never used two ATI cards in a CF configuration before so an help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Bite the bullet and install the latest ATI drivers including the latest Catalyst Control Center software. You will save yourself a lot of time and grief
  3. Drowsiness

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    Actually, go with either cat 8.10 or 8.11 since 8.12 has broken A LOT of CrossFire setups since it was released.

    As for other options to enable CrossFire... I don't know. CCC seems to be a pretty decent application once you get used to it, I suppose. I haven't had any issues with it anyway.
  4. BlkHeartWolf

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    I disagree as i run the ATI crossfire and overclock my GPU clock speed 150MHZ
    the new catalyst seems to control things just fine :)
  5. red1776

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    Hey EX,
    I read this and was wondering if your concern about the CCC 8-12 drivers might be over an issue that affected users of 4850's in crossfire? they issued a patch for it, but it was specific to the 4850's , just a thought, anyway i am having the same result s as wolf with the 8.12 drivers and everything I have read about the 4870s in CF has been very positive. and BTW, if your getting killer deals on 4870s, dont ya think that info should be shared with your TechSpot bretheren? :D. lol, anyway would you do me a favor and let me know what kind of results you get with the dual 4870s in CF? im building a i7 965 rig next month and am deciding between two 4870s in CF, a single 4870x2, or dual 4870x2 in CF. ( i suspect the later might be huge overkill). good luck with that GPU beast
  6. Drowsiness

    Drowsiness TS Rookie Posts: 41

    Just head over to the ATi forums and check out all the complaints before you try the 8.12 cats is all. Nothing but issues ranging from:

    "My 4870x2 only allows me one GPU to run"
    "I get error code 43 in device manager"
    "CrossFire will not work with the 8.12s so I am stuck with only one card after I spent a lot of money for two"

    And, as far as I can tell, the hotfix which was released was for AGP cards, but I may be wrong there.

    So, I am basically just saying here to be careful with the 8.12s. if you DO read the ati forums, you will see LOTS of people complaining.
  7. direwolf007

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    My Sapphire HD4870X2 runs flawlessly, balancing load between both cores under 8.12
  8. Drowsiness

    Drowsiness TS Rookie Posts: 41

    Oh, I am sure it does. Not saying it won't work at all, just saying be careful with the drivers as they have caused more problems than previous versions. :)
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