Hardware Erratic POSTing


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Here is the equipment rundown. NZXT H1 case, MSI MPG B550i mb, Ryzen 3700, 2x8 Corsair Vengence RAM, Sapphire RX5600TX GPU, Kingston 250GB SSD. After getting everything put together and installing Windows for the FIRST time (there have been four more installs) the computer does not POST every time. I realize this is difficult to diagnose in a forum like this but TIA. After about 9 hours of futzing around I took the entire system apart to the component level and made sure everything was seated and connected. I finally got the WiFi adapter to show up and I am not getting any instability. All drivers have been updated and it runs great. It restarted five times in a row when doing restarts after installing "stuff". HOWEVER, if I shut it down or restart from the menu it is hit or miss if it will post. Sometimes I have to try four or five times sometimes it does it immediately. Right now I keep it in "sleep" mode if I'm not using it. I can't keep cussing like I did yesterday or Santa will skip my house this year. TIA.


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I would look at this first and try turning it off:

Fast Boot in BIOS <off>

Try setting RAM to it's default speed which is 2133MHz so that means XMP off.

In BIOS find the part that deals with which graphics card it checks first and make sure it is set to PCIe graphics card and not the IGP (even though your CPU doesn't have a IGP).