Excel 2007 - Searching for individual words within a block of text

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Jun 14, 2011
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  1. I am familiar with the general usage of the IF function, but how do you search for text within text?

    For instance, I know how to instruct IF to locate a complete sentence in a cell, but am unsure how to instruct IF to find specific text, such as:

    Excel 2007 - Searching for individual words within a block of text

    Just as an example, I wanted to find cells that contained say "block of text", not the whole sentence, how do I go about this?
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    Excel 2007 - Filtering text of specific criteria

    Filtering text of specific criteria can be done easily in Access 2007, but if I wish to find specific information within a large a large list, other than trawling through it manually, is there a way to specifically filter text, so:

    a) It's highlighted

    b) All unrelated text is hidden temporarily (but restored, once the Filter is switched off, like in Access)?, and

    Is there a way to indicate how many times, and whereabouts, specific text appears in a long document, such as asking Excel to find a specific music group within a range of cells?

    If I had a list of music Artists and Titles, for instance, and I wanted to find out how many times say "Status Quo" appeared out of various artists in a list, as well as seeing the entries themselves, is it possible to do a Word Count for more than one word in a cell?
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    get a command prompt (start->run->cmd) and enter find /?
    to show the options

    assuming there's an excel XLS file in your home profile (%userprofile%)

    find /n "yahoo" myContacts.xls
    will report
    ie all email addresses using yahoo.com

    the source file (myContacts.xls) is left unmodified and all output is in the window

    to place the results into a file, just add >search_results.txt following the file name
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    Hi Jo

    I think this is for a different purpose to mine, but very useful. :)

    I will keep a note of this information for my e-mail Contact lists.

  6. NCISabbyfan

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    Thanks for the link, attachment and info.

    This looks very useful. :)

    As an addition to the above, is there also a function that allows for more characters to be searched for?

    For instance, if I had a sentence with "Mike Batt / Pan's People", and I searched for "Pan's People", nothing would come up, as there are additional words to the dance group, and if two characters are repeated in different words in a sentence, the wrong search would come up.

    Even if there's not a facility for more than two characters, this is still very useful and will come in very handy.

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