Expansion card with SATA III ports for SSD?

By Komakazee ยท 4 replies
Jul 26, 2012
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  1. Okay so I have the Corsair Force GT Series 120GB SSD. Its port's are Sata 3 and well my motherboard is a MSI Pro-E long story short it does not have a sata 3 port. So my question is there anything out there I can buy that does have a sata 3 port like something that will hook on the PCI slot's or something. I basically dont wanna have to buy a new mother board but I still wanna get the amazing speeds because right now im getting half its peformance anyways please write back soon. If you give me a link to a product I prefer www.newegg.com and my max budget is $50.​
  2. MrBlkfx1

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  3. Komakazee

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    alrighty thank you very much!
  4. spydercanopus

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    Are there any SSDs that fully utilize SATA3.0? It's 750MB/s right?

    And SIIG is a great brand for RAID cards.
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    The fastest sequential speeds I've seen for SATA SSDs is 550MB/s, but sequential speed isn't what makes a drive fast or snappy.

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