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Apr 17, 2008
  1. Hello I'm confused as to the significance in the difference between external hard drives described as 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch
  2. Matthew

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    The "external" part has nothing to do with the actual drive as far as I'm aware.

    A 2.5" drive is simply a thinner drive (commonly used in laptops) than the 3.5" counterpart (...commonly used in desktops). The only significant differences that I'm aware of, would be that a 2.5" probably has less platters and thus less read/write heads in order to remain slim. Because of that, they aren't available in capacities or speeds as high as 3.5" drives.
  3. SNGX1275

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    Typically an external with a 2.5" drive in it can be powered via the USB Bus (redundant) or Firewire, eliminating the need for an external power supply. Very important if you are traveling with a notebook computer and an external hd. 3.5" ones require additional power beyond what the USB ports can supply so they are typically used for desktop computers that don't frequently get moved.
  4. tweakboy

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    Get the 3.5 inch, Also let me warn you and all those with external hard drives.

    It's a fact and Ive done my research. External drives are not safe, nor a safe way to backup your stuff.

    The way externals work, they eventually start losing data, or it wont let you access files. Eventually youll get burned. If I were you, Get a internal drive ,, which is different mechanism and will live 20 years maybe.

    Ditch the external. Its better to have your second hard drive or whatever be internal ,,, your second disk will be backup, and once in a while you will burn your stuff on DVD , Which is a non movable device, unlike a spinning hard drive. Once on DVD that is the best backup you can do, and make sure to keep the discs safe in a case or something.

    To further this thread, Another awesome way of backup or realiability is flash drives, since once again their not movable components, your data will remain safe forever, unless you drop it,, LOL ,, GL,,,,

    The external will be the biggest headache for you so get a faster internal ,, GL,,,
  5. Matthew

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    :/ I'm sorry but I'd like to ask for proof on the following comments:

  6. SNGX1275

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    Tweakboy, I disagree with nearly everything you said.

    External hard drives are identical to internals. Open up an external and you will see the hd is the same as an internal. So they aren't different mechanisms at all.

    Also flash drives are very prone to failure, just take a look at all the threads we have here about problems with data on the drives.
  7. LNCPapa

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    Yeah - I'm on the disagree with tb bandwagon. I was kind of shocked to read your post actually. Plus, you have to keep in mind that sometimes an external drive is the best option for certain circumstances (and they aren't that rare.)
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