Extreme laptop problem

By Yuujin
Jun 9, 2010
  1. I have owned my Laptop for around two years and now I have had a few minor problems that added together with the very recent big problem have made it very hard for me. First some keys stopped working which I could live with because I have and extra keyboard, then the mouse scroll stopped working, and the left clicker got stuck and broke. Not working keys(CTRL t T y Y 6 ^ 5 % f5 ` ~ \ | - _ LEFT) I also have an extra mouse so that didn't bother me...Then I went to my dads for the weekend, came back and the screen wouldn't work. When I turn it on the fan comes on and the normal lights except the screen. I do not hear the windows sound of starting either. I have and HDMI cable and plugged it into the Laptop and my TV but nothing is displayed when I go to the HDMI(2) channel. My HDMI(1) channel is on Netflix and I made sure I had the plugs right. The TV is an HDMI receiving TV because I have a new Laptop now and I plugged it in and it worked. I also tried to plug the HDMI into both computers and that still didn't work. I urgently need to get the data off of my old Laptop into the new one, I have ways of getting this if I can log on to the old Laptop. I have a good battery for it and it "turns on" but the screen just doesn't work. There is no response to me pressing keys or the mouse(the spare ones I own). The disc holder opens still. Some people say to replace some kind of card, but I have no idea how to do this. Customer service for the brand I own isn't that great.(Microsoft-Gateway M-Series-Pentium/Dual Core-Model SA6) I have made no hardware modifications since it was bought for me. I have virus and spy ware protection from Norton on it. It is urgent that I obtain the information that is on the hard drive and I am at a loss to know what is wrong with it...
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    I would recommend that you purchase an external 2.5" drive enclose, and take your old laptop drive out and put it into the enclosure. Then you can plug it into the new laptop and get your data off of it.
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