Facebook third quarter earnings barely top Wall Street estimates

Shawn Knight

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Facebook's third quarter financials ever so slightly topped Wall Street estimates. The social network reported revenue of $1.26 billion on the quarter ending September 30, just north of analysts' predictions of $1.23 billion. Earnings leveled out at 12 cents per...

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I now use it just to keep in touch with old friends or play games. But I got to admit it does get annoying reading frivolous comments by people with no life. Reading stuff like "I'm taking a dump." or "My cat just barfed on the carpet." or "My kid needs a diaper change." Really folks...... GET A LIFE.


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Shockware/Flash Games on FB like Battle Pirates with 1.6 million playing it keeps FB a float there are more games than that one like War Commander. I don't know which one your into but these two are very popular. CafeWorld, FarmVille or the Price is Right still around even a newer Slingo. Comments on Face Book like your wall you can block those you don't like to be posted on there. Still in all stocks go up and down. All these games I just mention still most of in beta mode but they're free to play until it gets on your nerves and you decide to buy coins to keep the edge over the other player in the game.