Fanless barebones PC from Foxconn lands at Newegg for $250

Shawn Knight

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Silent PC aficionados may be interested to learn that Newegg is now stocking a silent small form factor computer from Foxconn. The aptly named NanoPC, measuring just 7.5-inches x 5.3-inches x 1.5-inches, has a TDP rating of just 9W which...

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Those would be nice little casual PC boxes for surfing the Internet. Or connecting to a TV.


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These little PC's need dual NIC's so they can be used as routers or small vmware hypervisor systems as well as normal workstations.


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Hm, I smell an Apple lawsuit in the works! Surely some of the concept must have been stolen from the Mac Mini. Like you know, the Mini is small, this is small.......