FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announces intent to step down on January 20

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Trump didn't know how to build coalitions in Washington.
Coalitions to accomplish things, you mean? Trump Administration accomplishments:

- Passed the largest tax reform plan in decades.
- Passed criminal justice reform, something Obama said he wanted to do, but couldn't get done.
- Renegotiated NAFTA, something Obama said he wanted to do, but couldn't get done.
- Crushed ISIS: From 40,000 sq. miles of controlled territory down to zero -- something Obama said couldn't be done.
- Convinced hostile nations to release a dozen US citizens held hostage, something Obama tried and failed to do.
- Instituted a Middle East Peace plan that resulted in three of Israel's neighbors recognizing its existence, something Obama and past presidents had tried and failed to do since the 1960s.
- Moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, something Obama promised to do (and was legally obligated to do) but didn't.
- Imposed tariffs on foreign steel imports: one of Obama's campaign promises that he failed to deliver on.
- Massively increased the defense budget to rebuild the military, and created an entirely branch of the Armed Forces.
- Forced many NATO members to begin living up to their treaty obligations by funding their own defense.
- Got Congressional confirmation for far more federal judgeships in four years than Obama did in eight.
- Revamped the VA and their scandalous treatment of vet's medical problems.
- Turned the US from a net energy importer to a net energy exporter, and the world's largest producer of petroleum products.
- Convinced North Korea to halt nuclear testing (it exploded four nukes under Obama) and to halt all ICBM launches (last one was in 2017).
- Lowered the trade deficit with China in 2018-2019, and again in 2020 (it increased every year under Obama).

The list continues for several pages. Of Obama/Biden's major campaign promises, the only one they even attempted to fill was the "Affordable" Care Act, a bill which even its worst detractors admit exploded health care costs -- the exact accomplishment of its stated goal.


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Destroying NN only resulted in stagnated competition, speeds and prices.
Official FCC statistics:

"The number of Americans living in areas without access to terrestrial fixed broadband with speeds of at least 25/3 Mbps—the Commission’s benchmark for high-speed broadband—fell to 14.5 million, a 46% decrease from the end of 2016. Services at higher speeds saw even more significant deployment, with the number of Americans living in areas without broadband speeds of at least 250/25 Mbps falling by 77% since the end of 2016. During that three-year period, the number of rural Americans living in areas with 250/25 Mbps broadband service increased by 268%. "

One of the main reasons to remove NN was bigger investments by the IPS... it turned out to be just another just a broken promise
Verizon's capital spending on wireline increased from $4.5B in 2016 to $6.26B in 2018. It declined slightly in 2019 as Verizon pumped several billion into 5G instead (Verizon's total 2019 Capital spending increased).

Face some facts for once. Verizon, AT&T, and other major carriers are seeing longterm systemic declines in wireline revenues. The future is in wireless. In the 8-10 year timeframe, the average US consumer will care as much about wired Internet as they do wired telephone service. Residential wireline is a dying industry.


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If you voted for that ******* Biden, please do block me. For the life of me I can't understand. Why someone would let their anger for one person sway them to vote for possibly the worst candidate in history. At least Hillary still had her marbles, as twisted as they were she still had them. Biden has lost half of his. Go ahead and chalk this up as a victory. I'm telling you now, you've not won anything.
Besides the presidency...by a landslide turn out. I love the sound of trumptards tears in the morning...it sound like... victory, something trump failed at bigly.


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Are you seriously acting in favor of having hidden fees when regulation was in place to not be so?
I realize English isn't your native language, but that is the exact opposite of what I actually said. Deceptive rate advertising is a problem that deserves addressing, not only for ISPs, but for many other industries as well. However, addressing it with draconian government reclassification and regulation of the entire Internet is akin to addressing anti-Semitism by passing a law to force all Jews to convert to another religion.
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