FCC filing suggests the Nintendo Switch will have a non-removable battery

By midian182
Dec 28, 2016
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  1. Nintendo is waiting until the livestream event on January 12 to reveal more details about its upcoming Switch console, but a recent FCC filing has given us some clues about the machine’s battery.

    Engadget reports that the hybrid console is unlikely to come with a removable battery. If true, this will mean no swapping it over when the juice runs low, and no installing high-capacity battery packs such as the one released for the Wii U.

    It’s important to note, however, that the model the FCC reviewed was a production prototype, so Nintendo may have decided to go with a removable battery for the final product. But with the majority of mobile devices such as smartphones now opting for non-removable batteries, it’s likely that the Switch will go down the same route.

    We still don’t know how long the Switch will last when in handheld mode; it could boast an extra-long battery life that doesn’t necessitate the component be removable. Additionally, the Switch is rumored to feature a USB Type-C port, which means external battery packs could make charging on the move a possibility.

    One of the few things we do know about the Switch is that it is powered by a custom Tegra chip from Nvidia. Earlier this month, it was reported that the mobile processor will use the last-gen Maxwell graphics architecture rather than the newer Pascal technology. It was later revealed the Switch will run significantly slower when undocked from its TV-tethered base station.

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  2. Theinsanegamer

    Theinsanegamer TS Evangelist Posts: 1,230   +1,324

    Just more forced obsolescence if this turns out to be true. How else can you force consumers to buy the newer version in a few years?
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  3. Kunming

    Kunming TS Maniac Posts: 308   +184

    Non-removable companies shipping products with non-removable batteries.
  4. p51d007

    p51d007 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,563   +889

    You want higher capacity batteries? Then get companies to stop with the "thin is in" concept on
    devices. Don't know about this device, but, on a LOT of phones, by going with a non removable battery,
    it gives the manufacturer a couple of options. Makes it harder for the end user to replace the battery,
    requiring it to be upgraded, or, taken to a repair center to have the battery replaced. It prevents end users
    from using a cheap knock off battery, then dealing with lawsuits if the cheap battery blows up.
    It also frees the manufacturer from using a typical replaceable battery, which has a hard protective shell.
    This allows them to use up all available space, to insert a larger battery.

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