First time reinstalling windows driver problems

By shogun697
May 23, 2010
  1. someone give me there old xp laptop when they got a new one.It was'nt working so i decided to reinstall xp.(my first time!!!) It all went well but now i'm having problems getting on the net to install the drivers.I using a lead from my moden into the back of the laptop but still cant connect.Any ideas what i'm doing wrong??Also I was wondering if I cant connect to the net can I download the drivers onto a usb stick from the dell website using another computer?? its a bell inspirion 5160 Also how many drivers do I have to install? Is it all the ones on the dell website for this model Thanks so much for the help
  2. Ididmyc600

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    chances are you havent got the network card drives loaded, go into device manager and see what has a yellow mark next to it.

    then use another PC to download the missing drivers onto a USB stick and then copy them to the laptop.

    as for how many just the ones you need, such as sound video, network and the chipset drivers.
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