Flash Drive Backup Problem

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Jul 25, 2008
  1. Hello all, I have a problem with my 16 GB flash drive (samsung).

    I am using windows xp and trying to transfer 13 gigs worth of files to the drive. It will always transfer the folders, but it wont always transfer the files in the folders. For example, I have 144 folders with 2k files, however after transfering I will have 144 files with about 400-500 files. If I go to properties for the drive, it will ttell me I am using 13 gigs but if I highligh all the folders and properties there, it tell sme only 2 gigs. Whats going on? I have tried using a backup software but I had the same problem. Some folders were empty after transferring. There was one time when it went and did them all, but when I went to another comp and put it in, most all were empty again. Any idea what is causing this? The drive is new and it can hold large amounts. I have tried backing up 3 movies for a total of 14 gigs and these were fine. I am using windows vista home. Thanks!

    Also want to add that if i manuall add the folders that were empty, 90% of the time they will transfer over just fine..so any help woul dbe appreciated!
  2. kimsland

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    Hi Rydis, sorry for the dealy.

    I have seen this before, when transferring many gigs from one location to another.
    The fault is caused by memory issues and high disk writting, stripping the files away.

    You could run programs such as Memtest on your Ram, and HardDrive diagnostics on your HardDrive. But I believe the error won't show anyway (normally)

    Here's the best answer:
    Firstly always have a good amount of Ram. This is usually (these days!) around 1 Gig absolute minimum
    Next, instead of moving or dragging (or copying) large amounts of folders, always use the right click - COPY, then the right click - PASTE into the destination area.
    Once you have confirmed that the data has in fact been copied to the new destination, you can then fully delete the originating data.

    You may need to do this on individual, or smaller groups of folders to avoid excessive disk write and memory issues.
  3. Rydis

    Rydis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I did everything individual (took forever) and it all copied fine that way. However, when I remove the drive and put it back in, I lose it all...? it goes from being 13gigs down to 1.8 gigs just be removing the drive and putting it right back in... Any idea on that?
  4. kimsland

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    A Hard Drive test would be ideal
  5. Rydis

    Rydis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    memory and HDD are fine. Ive ran the tests..its the USB drive thats not retaining the info...
  6. Rydis

    Rydis TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No need to worry about this. Turns out its a fake. Thanks for your help.
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