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Jan 5, 2009
  1. Hi guys,

    My computer's just crashed after a warning from Norton 360 about trojans being found - Norton will now no longer work and I can't even uninstall it. All Norton/Symantec and general anti-spyware sites are blocked and I've got an icon on my taskbar which is a red circle with a white cross in it which keeps saying "Warning! Security report! Your computer is infected! It is recommended to start spyware cleaner tool" which forces my browser to go to a website called real-av when right-clicked on.
    Aside from the antivirus sites being blocked alot of the links I try to follow from google get redirected to spurious websites. I've had real problems trying to download the sowftware recommended but I finally managed using google's cache option which seems to circumvent whatever's blocking me most of the time but I still have found no way to download SuperAntiSpywarewithout it being blocked. I've run CCleaner as recommended but a message keeps popping up saying "C:\$Mft is corrupt and unreadable please run Chkdsk"
    I have no idea what to do, any help would be really appreciated. Again, sorry for the lack of a SuperAntiSpyware log but I just can't find a way of downloading it so here's the other two logs.
    Thanks a million
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  3. aether121

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    Thanks for the reply - I've just re-reun M-bam and it now gets half way through a scan and then my computer crashes - I also tried the two links you posted but both are being blocked, I think this virus is actually getting worse - is there anything else I can do?
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    Restart, and repeatedly press F8 on your keyboard before Windows starts up
    Select => Safe Mode With Networking and log into your Administrator account in Windows

    Then try downloading the above links, updating them, and then run a full scan
    Making sure to remove all found issues at the end of the Malwarebytes scan
    Restart normally back to Normal mode
    You then should re-confirm Malwarebytes is updated again, and then run yet another full scan

    Please report back with your findings :)
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    Thanks for that :) I've now managed to run & update both of them & Mbam removed the red cross on my taskbar but Norton still won't run and all sites connected to it/ general anti-spyware sites are still being blocked so here's the two logs:
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