For a dunk in London's River Thames you can have a Watch GT 2 for free

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The company has set up a “Dive-Thru” on the Royal Victoria Dock in London. Brave souls who really want a Watch GT 2 gratis can dive into the chilly, murky waters of the Thames and pick from a selection of watches, some of which are underwater.

The promotion is in celebration of the Watch GT 2’s release and to highlight its waterproof casing. The wearable also touts a two-week battery life, Bluetooth 5.1 support, and enough onboard storage for 500 MP3s. Of course, it includes fitness tracking software, as well as a sleep tracker, activity reminders, calorie counter, and heart monitor that will alert you to irregular heart rhythms.

The GT 2 is on sale now, starting at $199 at Amazon and other retailers. However, it is only available in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Mexico.

If that price is too steep for you, you can go jump in the river. But be prepared. The average temperature in the River Thames is about 12C (54F). You might want to bring your wetsuit.

The event is only open to residents living in the UK. The freezing fun runs for one day, Saturday, October 19, from noon to 4pm GMT or until the supply of 35 watches runs out.

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I hope it includes a good shower afterwards. The Thames is not known for being clean (even though it mostly is).


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I hope it includes a good shower afterwards. The Thames is not known for being clean (even though it mostly is).
Believe it or not the Thames is cleanest river in the world that runs through a city that large.

60 years ago it was an ecological disaster. There was virtually nothing alive in the river, it was at death's door. Colossal damage to the old victorian sewerage systems incurred by the bombings during World War 2 took decades to repair, due to complexity and cost.

After repairs and very strict pollution legislation and tight enforcement it recovered and it's not too bad, although suffering from plastic waste like most waterways these days.


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Hilariously, I actually will be in London tomorrow, in that area, at that time! I didn't plan on swimming in the Thames but for a free watch, I could take a little dip.