Ford said to be dropping AM radio in its 2024 Mustang

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In brief: Ford's next-generation Mustang is set to enter production later this month with some major changes in tow, and not all of them are desirable. Sources familiar with the matter told Ford Authority that the Blue Oval automaker is ditching AM radio in the upcoming 2024 Ford Mustang.

Last summer, the publication said Ford was removing AM radio from its 2023 F-150 Lightning due to interference with the EV's drivetrain.

As The Drive highlights, EVs from several major automakers including Audi, BMW, Tesla, Volvo and Porsche have already shed AM radio. Reps for BMW and Volvo told the publication they don't include AM radio because of audio quality problems related to electromagnetic interference from their vehicles' drivetrains.

That said, plenty of other automakers have and continue to offer AM radio in their EVs without issue. Furthermore, the 2024 Mustang isn't an EV so that concern is null and void.

Radio in general is still quite popular. According to a Nielsen Media Research report from 2021, more Americans listen to the radio (293 million) than use Facebook (180 million) each week. What's more, the average American adult listens to 12.2 hours of radio per week.

AM radio consists largely of talk shows, sports broadcasts, news reports and emergency bulletins. It should also come as little surprise that AM radio has the highest share of collective trust across all types of advertising channels including television, websites and social media.

So, what's really going on?

While there aren't any concrete answers, there are plenty of possibilities that could – at least, collectively – shed some light on the subject. Perhaps we are simply looking at a cost-cutting measure. With streaming as prevalent as it is these days, it is possible that some automakers are looking to save a buck by excluding a feature they think most buyers might not even miss. Component shortages could also play into the decision.

Would you buy a new vehicle that didn't come with AM radio or is this a non-issue for you?

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I feel like they don't really know their I need to drive fast in a straight line and listen to angry sports talk radio hosts base very well. Kinda seems like a big part of their base actually. I was a Manager at a Ford/Lincoln dealership before my current job so I have a bit of insight into this. Also 98% of people don't need lifted pickup trucks as daily driver since the only off-roading they'll ever do backing over their own lawn.


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I don't think I've listened to AM radio in over a decade. I occasionally hear a few seconds of FM radio if I have to unplug and replug my phone.


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It’s because of profitability reasons. The vast majority of people only listen to FM if they ever listen to the radio. Tesla also dropped the AM receiver when they used to include it in their EVs. They offer an alternative though, which is internet streaming of live radio broadcasts around the world via TuneIn.


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Sort of like when you drive under high voltage powerlines with AM radio in theory? the electric motors might interfere with the weakish low frequency signal. Would be interesting to experiment and test that. I'm curious if there might be other motivating [woke] factors though.


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AM radio is becoming obsolete now, like why use AM radio when you could use Spotify podcasts lmao


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Good riddance. I can't believe there are still people listening to AM radios. also surprised AM is still running considering 2G and 3G network sunset in many parts of the world.

I still have AM radio on my sony dream machine table clock. last I checked there was nothing on the AM in my city.


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Oh, no. That's not fair. How will users listen to daily speech from North Korea??


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Is an AM receiver that expensive that it makes that big a deal on the bill of materials? Maybe I'm wrong, but seems an odd choice in a vast country like the USA, where it would actually have a use?


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This is the same company that filed a patent for locking you out of your own car if you don't pay the monthly fees, am I right? The same company that will try to not only lock you out of your own car if you missed a monthly payment, but drive your car to be totaled? The same company which wouldn't care if your family needs a ride if your cats is declined by any reason? Oh, sure they are trustworthy.
Right. I'll get a Korean car, never again a European nor American.