FPS and GPU usage drops to 10% every 5-10 second

The fps and gpu usage drops to 10% every 5-10 seconds, after that it backs to normal but it occurs every 5-10 seconds, it drops and back to normal again and again, I’ve search for the solution and I found its because of throttling issues but the cpu and gpu temp whilst in game doesnt even reach 90%, I’ve also tried throttlestop to disable intel turbo boost but it doesnt work either, should I try maybe an older version for my driver?

im using msi afterburner for monitoring, all drivers are updated, im using driver booster to update all driver, and nvidia experience to update the gpu driver, and also the latest windows updates.

if I recall correctly this start to happen after I search some way to increase fps and try to tweak some settings and using tools like timer resolution, quickcpu and such.
I've reset the laptop after that but the problem still exist.

im on laptop, asus rog strix gl503ve
16gb ddr4 ram
4gb gtx 1050 ti
Windows 10 Home