Free-to-play Forza Street is out for Windows 10, coming for gamers on the go


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While there are plenty of racing games on mobile to go around, Microsoft thinks there's still room for one more and has decided to open up its Forza franchise to iOS and Android platforms. A rebrand of previously released title "Miami Street," Microsoft says the game was "built from the ground up" for PC and mobile gamers though it's really a refreshed game now under Forza's franchise umbrella.

Featuring a campaign and quick one-minute races for helping with the bus commute, gamers are expected to collect and upgrade iconic cars to turn their garage into a trophy case. The game boasts streamlined controls and multiple paths to victory, giving you the choice to take on faster opponents and get more prizes or go the safe and easy route in point to point races. To keep players coming back, Forza Street will have weekly content updates consisting of fresh events, stories and challenges.

Last month, Microsoft showed a live demo of Project xCloud by streaming Forza Horizon 4 to an Android phone and while that service is expected to launch in the near future, mobile gamers will also have this mobile-native alternative once it launches later this year.

For those on PC, the game is available on the Microsoft Store as a free 4 GB download.

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TS Evangelist
Cool! I love racing games. Oh, wait not for Win7? Another "free" carrot on the phishing hook? :(
...and only from the Microsoft Store aka the "app" version. laaaaame. I disabled my Win10 Microsoft Store app a long time ago. Don't need any trash from there.


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I tried it out on Windows 10; it was a waste of bandwidth. The controls are certainly streamlined - literally only one button to push. You don't steer at all. Drag racing games like CSR have more control depth than this - at least you can shift & activate nitrous.

It is pretty, though.