Freezes and/or shuts down by itself

By gamon
Jul 8, 2010
  1. Hello. Thanks in advance for any help...

    My PC repeatedly freezes up and won't respond. If left on it will sometimes shut off completely. The message comes on the screen "Monitor Going to Sleep" but the power stays on.
    The reset button doesn't work anymore. I have to hold in the power button until it powers down, then make several attempts to get it to boot back up. It seems to boot up easier and stay on longer when left off for longer periods of time.
    Upon a successful restart I usually get a message saying "Overclocking Failed". It's rarer but it sometimes also says "Over temperature".

    - All power settings are properly set.

    - System is NOT overclocked.

    - Tower is open, fans are running and I even have a house fan blowing on everything.

    - CPU temp is 88.5 degrees C / 191 Degrees F.

    - 12V voltage is 11.88 - Vcore voltage is 1.4v

    - Sometimes it seems like it happens when tower is bumped (also happens when perfectly still).

    I've tried a different graphics card and it still happens. Checked most connections. Inside is very dusty. I use AVG Free Anti-virus software. I don't know how to check anything else other than to take it all apart and clean everything, then see what happens. Whatever you guys suggest I'll need to hear it in layman's terms since I don't know much about computers. I don't even know if the temperatures are high or not.

    I read about power supply issues but don't know if it applies since the power doesn't go completely off.

    - Motherboard - ASUS P5P800
    - Pentium 4 - 3.2 GHz
    - Windows XP Service Pack 3 - Home
    - Graphics - GeForce 795GT AGP 512MB / 256BIT / DDR3
    - 1GB RAM
  2. Route44

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    Your cpu thermal maximum temperature is too high. Heat will shut down a system fast in order to protect itself.

    Did you clean out that dust with a can of compressed air? You need to get rid of the dust because it serves as nature's natural blanket trapping the heat. If you use a can of compressed air only use it in short bursts atleast 6" awat. Clean your case fans and filters.
  3. gamon

    gamon TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I appreciate the advice and plan to do a thorough cleaning, but I can't see how it could get hot. All the internal fans are working and I have the side cover off the tower with a house fan blowing right through the thing.

    What temp should the CPU be running at? If it's running hot it's not a fan issue.

    I checked the event viewer and got a lot of warnings and errors. I don't know if it's the crashes or me turning it off and on and connecting/disconnecting an external hard drive...

    Warning Source - Disk Event 51
    Error Source - sbp2port Event 9
    Source - Tcpip Event 4226
    Warning Source - w32Time Event 36
    Warning Source - CDROM Event 7
    Warning Source - CDROM Event 51
  4. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    According to what I have been able to research the maximum temps fall between 64-78 Celcius.

    I am wondering if your issue might be the power supply.
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