Freezes - Even with fresh XP install?? Im confused

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Jan 7, 2008
  1. My PC has been crashing for a while now. At first i thought it was a windows error, so i ran windows error checking (the blue screened one when u turn ur PC on) which it crashed in (Stage 4, 29%). It then decided to format my HDD and reinstal windows as it needed to be done anyway. On my fresh instal it still froze? I did it again with XP Home insted of Pro and it still does it.

    What do i mean by freeze? at first the open windows start to act stranglely, then the taskbar become unactive and finaly so does the currsor. This means i have to turn power off.

    When does it happen? Installs, for example the HDA audio driver and SP2 instalers. Itunes - rite at the end of updating my ipod. Error checking. Sometimes for no apparent reason.

    Any help?

    ASUS M2N-VM DH Motherboard
    AMD 2.5GHz 4800+ x2 CPU
    2GB Kingston Value RAM
    Thermaltake Spirit 470W PSU
    MSI 8600GTS OC Version
    Maxtor 250GB SATA

    Im running memtest atm

    I flashed my BIOS aswell. Not that that would make a difference bt i gave it a go.
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    This is 90% likely to be hard drive failure. Don't waste time on trying to fix it, get another.
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    It doesnt error check when it reboots. Bt at first i asumed it was an error in windows so i tried out error checkor and it sort of turned into a test for my various attempts at fixing my problem. If it completed error checkor wihtout freezin then it was fine - nt dun it yet tho lol

    I gathered it was my hardware.
    Mem test showed up clear, but i dnt have alot of pacience and it often crashed before it could complete the test. Im glad cus memory is expensive.

    It could be my HDD as it was quite cheap (however it only 6 months old), iv just bought another one (160GB WD) gna be delivered nxt tues. I cba running tests on it and luckily i can use my laptop in the meantime. If its nt my HDD then il cross that bridge when i come to it, i needed a new HDD as it was.

    Thanks again 2 both of you.
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    No worries - glad to be able to help.
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