Freezing and green pixels, hardware or driver problem?


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Hi, I ve been lately experiencing a bit frequent freezes(once or twice per day) ,these freezes include showing green pixels and sometimes i can see the cursor moving but in a very slow rate.I have a NVIDIA GT 240 and what grabbed my attention is that these freezes have never happend while playing any game and sometimes the pc responds after the freeze and an error beside at the right of the task bar shows: a driver (kernel... version: ) has stopped responding and it has recovered.
i tried downloading the driver from the NVIDIA website but this did not make any difference.


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This sounds very much like faulty RAM. Remove all your RAM sticks and clean the contacts with a soft pencil eraser. Then blow out the RAM slots with a can of compressed air and put back just one stick. Run the PC for a good few hours and see if the error repeats itself. If not then swap the sticks to test the next one, and so on.

You should also do this cleaning with the graphics card and make sure the cooler is free of dust.