freezing & blue screens

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Aug 13, 2006
  1. scottj

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  2. scottj

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    View attachment 9438

    New blue screen, never seen this before dmusic.sys

    Also I run AVG free edition, would it be worth uninstalling it to make sure it isn't causing a problem?
  3. peterdiva

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    Dmusic.sys is part of the Kernel-Mode WDM Audio Components. The crash was because it isn't loaded. The following files are listed in the dump as unloaded, but they also belong to the above. I don't know whether they should be loaded or not (dmusic looks like it should be). I'll have to see if I can find some more info.

  4. scottj

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    View attachment 9493

    This minidump was produced from a bluescreen that happened while the computer was not in use and the screensaver was on.

  5. peterdiva

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    Probably caused by hardware with the process being GoogleDesktopDi. Some of the other dumps had a Google something or other as the process. Couldn't find much info on it. What is it?
  6. scottj

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    Hmm, google desktop, its a google product that runs on the desktop and has lots of gadgets like ebay watcher, scratch pad, calendar etc.

    Worth removing as a test?
  7. scottj

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    ok, I really think the graphics are at play here somehow.

    I haven't used any dvd's/itunes media lately as I know it causes problems but I tried to play films/video clips on itunes and the video is really poor, as in not smooth/jumpy - on 2 screens.

    I have 3 monitors, 2 being extended desktops.
    I choose the middle monitor as my default one and have another monitor either side, itunes/video playback is smooth in the middle monitor but if I move to to either side it is jumpy & not smooth.

    I changed video cards again back to my original as the one in is a test replacement, no improvement, video will only play smoothly in the centre screen. This centre screen was listed as;
    3. Plug and Play Monitor on Radeon X1600 Series Secondary

    So I swap the cables at the back of my computer so that now the centre screen is attached to my mobo and both side monitors are running of the graphics card, I then select the centre monitor as my default again.
    Centre screen is listed as:
    2. Plug and Play Monitor on ATI Radeon Xpress 200 series

    Again the same result, video will only play smoothly on the centre monitor which is now the built in video/mobo rather than the graphics card.

    I thought this odd that video will only play properly on my primary monitor.

    Edit: Sure enough if I go into properties and select a different monitor to be my primary monitor - then that is the only screen video will play smoothly on, if I leave a video clip playing and move it to any other 2 screens then they run poorly and eventually itunes crashes.
  8. scottj

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    Been pushing the computer with video etc and it froze twice, both time I received this notice upon restarting
  9. peterdiva

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    I tried to find some info on 'CPU_CALL_ERROR' from the last dump. Going by this THREAD, it indicates a motherboard problem (post #5), and it does seem to have been fixed by replacing the motherboard. The symptons do seem to be the same as yours, e.g. media players.
  10. scottj

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    I think that is most likely Peter, I'll look into a mobo replacement, preferably with the same chipset & see fi I can keep my files.
  11. scottj

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  12. scottj

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    New Motherboard: MSI RS482M4-FD MS-7191 Skt 939

    I downloaded the debugger on the laptop here and it appears to be related to the SATA driver? , jeez oh for an IDE single hard drive, well I am trying to preserve the existing data on my harddrive after changing the mobo so.......

    Just realised that the mobo did not come with a cd or drivers, so I am downloading the ATI system drivers here and will burn to CD to see if installing them will solve my problem.

    Just for info, if I do get this sorted I will come back and describe my mobo replacement just in case anyone is following this and plans the same as there are important points to note when changing that I learned, not that I know what I'm doing mind.
  13. scottj

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    update: I needed to uninstall AVG antivirus, this then let me boot up normally!
    I'll be back
  14. scottj

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    Haha this is turning into my own blog!

    So AVG was the ***** that stopped my mobo replacement (still to be detailed)

    Everything looks fine now, I can boot ok, BUT
    I have 3 monitors and only the 2 monitors on the graphics card work
    One monitor is not working, when I right click and go to settings there are only 2 monitors, my monitor attached to the motherboard is blank.

    Not sure how to solve that at present.
  15. scottj

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    I dont seem to have vga/graphics from my new mobo, the graphics gives me 2 screens, the 3rd monitor that is attached to the motherboard is blank.

    In the device manager I have 2 plug and play monitors(graphics card)
    If I could get back to my 3 screen setup I could perhaps measure any progress. help?

    How can I get my mobo vga working?
  16. peterdiva

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    Some motherboards disable the onboard graphics when the PCI-E slot is occupied. See if you can find a setting in the BIOS relating to onboard graphics. The only setting I could find in the manual is for the primary graphics adapter - auto or PCI mode.
  17. scottj

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    Good man! Yep it was a bios setting, everything looks good now.

    I will catch up on my work/emails and test the system out with the new mobo to see if it seems more stable.
  18. scottj

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    So far so good, just a recap on how I changed my motherboard in case anyone reads this and intends on doing the same and is running Windows XP.

    First I used Files & Settings transfer wizard to put a copy of all my files/settings on another computer(laptop) that was on my home network as a backup.

    ***Remove any virus programs.

    I then went into device manager, doubled clicked on IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, the main controller driver needs to be changed, select
    'don't search I will choose the driver to install'
    Then select 'Standard Dual-Channel PCI IDE Controller' as the driver for your controller.

    Then I shut down the computer and replaced the motherboard.

    I clicked Delete to get into the BIOS settings upon restarting it, to set the correct time which is important, I also made sure my CPU/memory was fine and the temp of the cpu was looking good and set the boot up sequence to
    1/ CD
    2/ Hard drive
    3/ Floppy

    I also had to set SATA in my bios to Raid which would depend on your hard drive setup.

    Saved & exit.

    Put Windows CD in the drive and let the system boot.

    Windows then loads drivers and prompts you to
    1/ Install or
    2/ Repair using recovery console

    I select INSTALL, windows then detects XP is already installed and asks if you wish to repair it which you agree to, windows files are then copied and the system will reboot back into wiondows with all your existing files/settings still there.

    ***AVG caused me problems when trying to boot up after the mobo change so I would probably recommend removing any virus program before you started this.

    Note if like me you have SATA raid you may need the mobo drivers on floppy disk which is worth doing at the start, I had a laptop so managed to create them while half way through the process, when windows loads from the CD the first time it says at the bottom Press F6 if you need to load sata or raid drivers, if you don't do this windows may not see the hard drive.

    Well that worked for me and my course of action after reading up on what to do and it enabled me to replace my motherboard with Windows XP installed and keep all my current files/settings.

    I have run media/films & music in the background this morning and its steady as a rock, it would normally have frozen several times so I believe the motherboard was at fault so this thread will hopefully come to rest, thank you peterdiva for persisting with me along the way, very much appreciated!
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