Frequent BSOD's, Windows 7 x64, 0x1e or MEMORY_MANAGEMENT

By Amic3r
Jan 8, 2011
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  1. Hello. Lately i got new hardware (mainboard - Biostar A770E3,ram 2x2GB DDR3 OCZ,cpu AMD Athlon II x2 560). After formatting and changing system to Windows 7 (ultimate) i had problems with BSOD's, PFN_LIST_CORRUPTED,MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, and now i just had 0x1e, day after format, followed by 0x1a.What could be issue? I dont think its RAM because its new. Could it be my HDD?

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  2. Amic3r

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    Memtest got errors.
    img80 . imageshack . us /img80/310/p1050131p.jpg
    Weird thing, it tested it as DDR-1, while BIOS tells me both are DDR-3.

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