FSX Lan Connection Problems

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Hey all-

I'm trying to host a session on Flight Simulator X Acceleration. We are getting nothing but timeouts. We have tried pinging each others computer and still get timeouts. This leads me to believe that we have something not set up correctly on the router.

Here are my settings

I have port forwarding on. I am forwarding the following ports:

2300-2400 Protocol = Both
6073 Both
23456 Both

I am also setup as a static ip on my router (

DMZ is enabled, and the DMZ host ID is my static ip.

UPnP is enabled.


Windows Firewall is OFF

I don't have any other problems connection to any other sim networks like Vatsim or through Gamespy... only LAN. Any other suggestions?


I wanted to add a little more information..

I am running windows XP + SP3
I am running a Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router..

Still looking for suggestions... hmmm
Not open for further replies.