fuboTV follows YouTube's lead, increases monthly subscription rate

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Editor's take: The timing of the move seems suspect and will no doubt lead some to ponder whether streaming companies are somehow in cahoots with each other. If it was just a simple price hike with no other changes, that’d be a valid argument, but given the departure of Turner and the addition of Disney, that doesn’t appear to be the case. In all likelihood, the fact that the price change comes just one day after YouTube’s announcement is probably just a coincidence.

Just one day after Google announced a price increase for its YouTube TV streaming video service, rival fuboTV has introduced some noteworthy changes of its own including a more expensive monthly rate.

As Cord Cutters News highlights, fuboTV as of Wednesday morning is no longer carrying channels from Turner parent company WarnerMedia as the two were unable to reach an agreement before the July 1 cutoff date. That means channels like TBS, CNN, TNT, Adult Swim, Boomerang, truTV, Cartoon Network, HLN, TCM, CNN International and CNN Español aren’t available anymore.

Conversely, fuboTV inked a deal with Disney last week to bring some of its channels to the service including ABC, ABC News Live, Disney Channel, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, FX and more. The new Disney channels should be added sometime in August.

According to The Verge, fuboTV’s family plan will increase from $60 to $65. What’s more, existing standard plan subscribers are being automatically moved to the family plan, thus seeing rates go from $55 per month to $65. Existing customers can reportedly opt out of the move and stay on the standard plan which will now be priced at $60 but they’ll have to call customer support to do so.

A spokesperson told the publication that they “moved customers from the Standard plan to the Family bundle to provide more value (500 hours of DVR, up from 30 hours, plus a third stream).”

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Another streaming service I haven't heard of and I sure as heck wouldn't pay $60 a month for.

How many streaming services are out there?
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Another streaming service I haven't heard of and I sure as heck wouldn't pay $60 a month for.

How many streaming services are out there?
They're a live TV streaming service similar to YouTubeTV or SlingTV. They primarily catered to soccer (read: futbol) sports fans that wanted to stream live TV channels usually only available in Europe. That being said, they also covered all of the usual cable programming channels just like YoutubeTV/Sling.


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Over-the-top streaming its losing its cost advantage over traditional cable
Whoops, editor missed something lol

Otherwise, as someone with decent internet (and as a power user), I see no need for such services anymore.


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I fail to see the value proposition here when you can watch streamers for free on twitch and content is free on YouTube. Whether you donate or sub is up to you.

I hope a lot of these old media companies go out of business. They have been driving up the price of content for far too long.