Fusion Garage slashes $200 off Grid 10 tablet

By Shawn Knight · 7 replies
Sep 12, 2011
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  1. Fusion Garage has lowered the price of their upcoming Grid 10 tablet to $299 for the Wi-Fi model and $399 for the Wi-Fi + 3G version. The $200 cut comes…

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  2. grumpiman

    grumpiman TS Member Posts: 22

    So does new OS mean a sparse list of apps available for it and how come I don't see Angry Birds displayed on the home screen?
  3. @grumpiman
    Probably because the tablet isn't even out yet and the os has never been seen before
  4. 1977TA

    1977TA TS Rookie Posts: 89

    Taken from their website:

    "GridOS supports Android Apps. Android Apps runs on GridOS without requiring any redevelopment or new code. With thousands of apps available, you with never be bored with GridOS."

    Pretty cool!
  5. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 2,999   +1,318

    Tablet makers are finding out what consumers found common sense after the first "iPad rival" was released! DONT SELL YOUR TABLET FOR MORE THEN LIKE HALF of the ipad, because quite frankly, i would rather have an ipad!
  6. ikesmasher wrote: "Tablet makers are finding out what consumers found common sense after the first "iPad rival" was released! DONT SELL YOUR TABLET FOR MORE THEN LIKE HALF of the ipad, because quite frankly, i would rather have an ipad!"

    iPad has SERIOUS limitations for regular users that make it more of a toy than a computer replacement.

    Vacation, taken only my tablet with me.
    1. Took a bunch of pictures and videos on my camera and want to view them. iPad does not have a SD card reader, nor does it have the ability to connect directly to the hotel's LCD TV via HDMI.
    2. Kids want to watch a video on the tablet since it is raining. Have some encoded movies on a USB flash drive. Oops, can't do anything with that since iPAd does not support USB drives.

    Work, going to see a client but bring along the tablet only
    1. Can't show presentation to client since there is no way to connect iPad to projector.
    2. Need to make a quick change to a Word document but there is no internet access or 3G access. Oops. No way to import/export the document.

    For my $449, I rather have a Lenovo tablet, 10.1" 1200 x 800 resolution, full size USB connection supporting flash drives, HDMI output with 1080p out, and SD card reader -- all on the side of the tablet meaning no funky cables to drag around, Android 3.1, and a case that converts to a full size keyboard with the tablet holder.
  7. I agree with the previous Guest. iPads may be a fun toy that everyone loves, but it's limitations prevent me from ever desiring to purchase one. I stay clear from any company whose proprietary restrictions cause me to go to great lengths to use their products, not to mention the lack of support for such obvious technologies - such as Apple and Sony.

    Obviously there are millions of happy users of these products and I say - enjoy!

    But these companies and their products are not for me.
  8. I'm completely agree with the Guests before me...
    Another scenario:
    As usual I'm in a computer business.
    I go to check on remote place something and I need to run some check and scripts
    Scripts have to be on my server machine to run.
    Since the first run you figured you need some important modifications.
    As iPad lover you have all this on your iPad as well - so you do...
    But here is the problem
    - no 3G or WiFi around since most corporate server rooms are shielded and secured.
    - no bloody way to get the other type of connectivity - no USB, or other memory device, no even a way to print on a paper :)
    - no way to open any console - since no connection...
    - many other problems...
    BUT - hay you are smartass and bring the iPad USB cable with you!!!
    Ok you are connected to some machine.... and ...
    Oh yes - for some fancy reason (Steve I like this, really!) you have to install a bunch of software to allow your iPad to communicate somehow.
    And I'm sure will not find a fellow admin like to have this kind of soft on the server space :)
    ... but let say there a sideways ... so you do ... and get the job done.
    And we coming the way back and go to main office to show result file which is let say 3-4MB.
    So coming there you start again the saga with transferring when several managers looking hungry for result... :)
    Look as a nice scenario ugh?
    Please mention I don't even said that something cant be done through iPad.
    Well honestly I don't want iPad. I don't have. I will not buy one.
    For me as for lot of guys on my hand - iPad is a flashy toy never prepared for a business world.
    All this 'magical' things are for public... and most of this 'magic' i don't like since is open only for their side and cant be proven secure for us. (Well Apple we know you track us on all we using.)
    Mostly I will wait for a better alternatives and I see they are coming pretty fast.

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