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Galaxy Note 10 set for August 7 unveiling in New York

By midian182 · 7 replies
Jun 19, 2019
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  1. With all the uncertainty surrounding the Galaxy Fold, Samsung will be hoping the launch of its next flagship, the Galaxy Note 10, takes the attention away from the troubled device. According to CNET, which cites people familiar with the company’s plans, Samsung will be revealing the latest edition of the Note series at the same Brooklyn venue where it unveiled the Note 9.

    We’ve heard plenty of rumors and speculation surrounding the Note 10 since the start of the year. It appears that for the first time, there will be more than one version of the Note. It’s thought there will be a 6.28-inch standard and a 6.75-inch Pro model, and possibly one or more 5G variants.

    Some of the changes we’ve heard about include the removal of all physical buttons from the phone, replacing them with pressure-sensitive capacitive sections, meaning you squeeze the sides much like HTC’s U12 Plus. Sadly, it seems long-time holdout Samsung has finally relented and is removing the headphone jack from the Note 10.

    CAD renders of the Note 10 (from 91Mobiles) show two models with central hole punch cutouts at the top of the screen. They also reveal three rear cameras in a vertical alignment, and it appears Samsung is once again using an in-screen fingerprint sensor.

    We’ll find out the full details on August 7, but expect more leaks before then.

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  2. QuantumPhysics

    QuantumPhysics TS Evangelist Posts: 1,240   +901

    Meh... Not very exciting.
  3. Dosahka

    Dosahka TS Addict Posts: 149   +59

    only real thing I have against the Galaxy phone since the Edge variant and later the infinity display, it is ridiculous: you have either a protective case which is a matching front and back cover or you are struggling to have a screen protector which is not popping off when you are using a normal back cover for the phone.
    It's a shame that the only galaxy phones they only offer then as a cheap option.
    I can't count how many times saved my iPhone that it can have normal protective case with a lip when dropped the phone with screen facing down, thus the screen never touched flat the floor. Also 99% of the screen protectors are compatible with 99% of iPhones cases. So I don't have to play hit or miss.
  4. dangh

    dangh TS Enthusiast Posts: 38   +56

    No jack port will be a real dealbreaker for me. My Note 8 will last for some time, but when the time come I'd like to use my beyerdynamics without any hassle on next Note.
  5. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 5,390   +3,779

    Oh boy .... another over priced toy! Arn't we lucky!
  6. H3llion

    H3llion TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,694   +438

    I consume a lot of video media, my Note 9 is a perfect phone for that and beats every other out there. Sure, if it hits the floor I am truly ****ed, but I don't have the jitters or holes in my hands, so should be good.

    Infinity Display > All
    21:9 > All
  7. DaveBG

    DaveBG TS Maniac Posts: 413   +155

    I think this finally will be a good replacement for my aging Note 2...
  8. ForgottenLegion

    ForgottenLegion TS Guru Posts: 414   +416

    WOAH! Steady on there Amish man!

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