Games Freezing..

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I like my online games, But unfortuantly I can play them.
Whenever I play Eventually they will freeze (In about 5-10 mins)
It's Really Annoying... Any tips?

My Card is 256mb Memory and Im using 1680x1050 (32bit) reso with 60hz

I know its NOT:

My Gfx Card Temp
Screen Resolution (My card is always @ 60hz no matter what resolution)

I suspect its my Power Supply
I hope it is so I can get a new one And be able to run my new Gfx card (Geforce 9600)


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If you mean 110Watts then yes this is low (too low for an addon Video card)
(I note that you have removed the reference stating you had a 110 Power Supply)

You can also do the below (freely) before purchasing a better Power Supply:

Please run Memtest on your Ram
And confirm all your Device Drivers are up to date
Also make sure all Windows Security Updates (and Service Packs) are completed
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No it wasnt 110 wats im not sure how to check, the switch on the back of my A/C thing says 1101 im not sure what it means.


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Before you decide to replace your Power Supply

Do the above options

If you decide to replace your Power Supply, you will need to open the side cover, and read the label, on what rating of Power Supply you presently have
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