Games in DVD Format

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Apr 12, 2004
  1. OS samurai

    OS samurai TS Rookie Posts: 159

    Exactly SNGX1275. I also enjoy the fact that I can trade Xbox & PS2 games with my friends & not have to worry about tweaking the game to get it to work & about the only games I play on the PC only are FPS's I feel a true gamer uses multiple platforms

    Just my .02
  2. Godataloss

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    I felt the same way when I waited 2 years for the xbox to come out- playing unreal in my own little world with my voodoo crankin out the polygons wonering how this universe could be crammed into a console. Then Bungie absolutely NAILED it! And suddenly I had my buddy at my side, in front of a giant telivison and well, it was his fault if he let me sneak up behind him with a shotgun to the kidneys or a plasma grenade to the tender parts (he never whined that it was the controller's fault). Is halo better on the pc? Maybe, but that's 4 years of hardware developement later and if I gave him a keyboard, he'd just spill his beer on it.;)

    I'm an FPS man myself, but you better believe I will be playing DIII on the xbox (hopefully in high def) as i wait for the hardware to become affordable and the patches to be written so I can play it and HL 2 on my pc.

    And hey Raven, maybe there will be a patch and I'll show you the merit of the dual analog sticks online? As a gamer, I love a challenge.:stickout:
  3. dogtail

    dogtail TS Rookie

    convert cd to dvd

    puke: Hi all
    you are all chatting about games beening on dvd and we all got games on more then one cd, so is there a prog that will convert cd to dvd.
    If there is, wont that be a good prog idea
  4. Loquacious1

    Loquacious1 TS Rookie


    I'm hardly an expert, but what would keep someone from ripping a CD to HDD (Nero), then burning to DVD? Unless the idea is to accomplish something through conversion I've missed... either way, I don't see the point unless it's to reduce the number of CD's onto DVD which would not make software any easier to install, nor would games operate the same from DVD afterward as they do from the manufacturer. Someone correct me if I'm wrong because I've wondered about this myself.
  5. dogtail

    dogtail TS Rookie

    a program that will covert two or more cd games to one dvd and be able to install the game with that dvd
    or maybe a joiner of some kind that will do the same thing :bounce:
  6. Rik

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    Im obviously a pc owner but i have got myself an xbox for 2 reasons. 1- most games come out on the xbox long before we ever see the pc version, and 2- pcs are a nightmare for network gaming compared to the xbox.

    Also i dont have a dvd player in my pc yet so the xbox is useful to watch dvd movies on.

    I think games should all be on dvd now too, although i dont have a dvd drive yet, i will get one when i get paid.
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