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Jan 9, 2009
  1. I am looking to build a gaming rig for a friend and will be collecting my own recommendation, but would also like to gather others opinions and criticisms. that is out the door no more than 800 (with OS, NO monitor, speakers, mouse or keyboard) I definitely want to go 64 bit to allow for more RAM now and in the future, so I have at least decided to go with Vista Home Premium (which I can get for 99.99). Audio is not of great concern, so I will be assuming the onboard audio is sufficient, and I will also presume the onboard NIC will work as well. I would like to go with an intel board and core 2 duo processor (unless someone can tell why why i should consider otherwise) although I am looking at both ATI and Nvidia for video card. SLI and Crossfire aren't a big concern, just one good video card is all I believe will be needed. As for the case, nothing flashy is needed, just a descent looking one with a quality PSU. The primary use for the computer wil likely be WOW and Strarcraft 2. I will also post my findings for criticism, but anyones suggestions are appreciated. If I left any needed information out please let me know, and if you have read this far, thank you for your time.
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    Asus x48 mobo with intel 8400 cpu(wolfdale) 4 gigs of ram is easy to get at good price right now.
    A 4870 1gb version should hold you over for a long while if you're just playing mmo's.
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    I'm afraid Im having trouble getting the suggested CPU and video card. I am dealing with (seems to have better prices than and there is a lack of quality local computer part stores in my area. The best configuration I could come up using the intel 8400 cpu is as follows, does anyone know of anywhere better for me to look for prices? Please keep in mind I have to also purchase Vista which the best I can seem to find comes to $99.99. I am considering switching to an AMD setup to allow for a better graphics card. If any would discourage this, please let me know why.

    mobo and case w/psu


    video card


    dvd drive
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    Hard drive:

    Intel Processor:






    Total being: $598.00 without rebates
    With rebates: $563.00

    Plus a little extra for the OS.

    The only concern you would have about this build is the videocard I've chosen, it is a "Recertified" 8800GTS, originally being 512mb (or 640mb if you got the 8800GTS like I did) and now only at 320mb. Seeing how it's only WoW and some other older games, I wouldn't really see a problem with the lower VRAM. If you have any problem with this, you can always go with a newer videocard (not the 9 series, seeing how it's exactly the same as the 8 series).
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    Yeah, I know it's the older version. It's mostly a good choice for budget because of the $79.00 price tag for a good videocard. But, thank you for recommending a better card. :)
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    Thank you both for your suggestions, I really do appreciate it. I'll post later noting how it went, and any problems I had (so perhaps other can learn from them)
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